The Lip: Burberry Ruby


Ah, fall. The return of the bold lip is upon us.

A while back I posted about my favourite lipsticks (an apt liking considering the name of this blog, no?) and within the line up was this piece of red perfection – Burberry’s Lip Cover in Ruby No.18 it’s possibly the greatest red lipstick I’ve ever met.

It’s not matte, but rather a sheeny luminous finish that’s comfortable and light on the lips yet opaque. The greatest thing is probably the shade of red. It’s not vibrant and poppy or dark and vampy but a nice in between, it’s a ruby red as the name would suggest. It doesn’t pull too orangey-yellow so it doesn’t make the teeth look like you should be laying off the coffee but it’s not so blue based that it’ll be unflattering on the more yellow toned ‘gals. I was reminded of this one after months of wearing nudey pinks and peachy tones by the onslaught of bloggers discussing the “Burberry 2015 FW” make up look which featured this lipstick and no mascara. I like to keep a similarly toned lipliner on hand to keep this creamy formula from ending on my chin (it’s happened).

Have you been reminded of an old favourite by the recent autumn time beauty buzz?

The Story: Long Distance


So, I thought I’d go for a change of topic – a slight stray away from the usual beauty ramble and onto more… personal territory.

Back in August I said goodbye (for a little while) to my favourite person in the world – my boyfriend of 4.5 years. While he went away for a semester abroad at one of the US’s top universities I’m still at home, and now around 2 months in (with my birthday approaching) the “i-miss-you-why-did-we-decide-this-was-a-good-idea” is really taking over the excitement of having someone you love do something amazing.

I’ll disclaimer this by saying that we spend a lot of time together – despite going to Uni in two different cities (with him inhabiting the dorms, I still operate from my parents house) pretty much every single weekend for the past 2 years has been spent together in some capacity. Going from that to having the other person a 10 hour flight away? Hard. I do hope that I don’t come off as whiny for not seeing my boyfriend for 2 month (I’ve been seeing him on a weekly basis for the past 4 years, it’s a harsh contrast).

We have on the other hand been talking more than usual – a plethora of skype calls, whatsapp messages and random emoji sticker cats on facebook. Everyone always says it’s all about communication and that’s true! It’s not about the deep meaningful conversations (those happen too!) but for me it’s the little things like a cute picture of the cat at the flat he’s renting, or of the massive amount of pumpkins lining the streets.

My tips?

  1. make sure you communicate once a day ( I send a quick “good morning” text everyday)
  2. don’t sink into a funk; go out with girlfriends or do something for you (pamper sessions galore!)
  3. try to have a bright spot; plan a weekend getaway for when they’re coming back or even better meet them there before they comeback for a little R&R (I’ll be off to the US come January for a week with my bae.)
  4. Take it easy, and have trust. No one likes nagging or overly clingy girlfriends (or boyfriends) space is good, try to enjoy it!
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