3 Ways: Lip Saving Lip Balms


Oh, winter. Chilly nights, windy days. A massive snow storm or a wet rainy week; it’s all part of the season. You know what else is part of the season? Chapped, dry, cracking lips. Kind of hard to rock that matte blood red lipstick with lips that resemble a a desert lizard. The solution – lip balm and a lot of it. Here are my favourites, from the cheap to the expensive. There’s a little emollient lip nurturing product for everyone….

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5 Items Worth Repurchasing


So many products to try, so many thing you already love – “What should I buy?” is an age old query for beauty lovers around the world. Let me make it simple; if you love it and the thought of never having it again strikes fear in your heart you should probably pencil it in for a repurchase; otherwise put it down in the “notable purchases” list and keep on going. You’ll find the one eventually.
My forever to be repurchased products are right here….

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The Review: Sephora & Boscia 500 Point Perk


Since I’m back, and as expected flooded with school & work tasks, I haven’t had that much time to think about posts. I’m working on a “NYC Haul” but that’ll wait until… I don’t feel like my deadlines are trying to kill me!
I did think that if you are US based and reading this, or heading to the US soon, a quick and short review of the 500 point perk at Sephora would be nice. Here it is!…

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