The Favourites: August


So, it’s that time of month again (or, it was that time of the month when August ended – but I suck and only finished writing this thing now. In September. Ugh.)
August means the height of summer, the sweltering humid heat of Tel-Aviv just surrounds you and leaves you in a hopeless sweaty state. There isn’t much to be done against it, unless you’d like to cake on shine soaking powders or blot like a crazy person hell bent of destroying the world via paper usage.
So, what did I really like this month? A very light yet matte base, a super high coverage concealer, some waterproof eyeliner, the greatest serum ever with some tools and a refreshing spritz of Fix + by MAC.

Make Up For Ever  Mat Velvet + – 30

This stuff stays on, gives a medium to full coverage and is matte. I sweat enough to provide myself some shine (okay, I use highlighters like it’s going out of fashion) so a matte foundation is pretty much perfect in the summer. I’ll be truthful I like to mix this with some of the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet (B20) which is a bit dark for me, but together? It’s perfection.

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint – Fair

Sleepless nights due to an addiction to RuPaul’s Drag Race and a seminar paper deadline that’s looming can be easily covered by this stuff. The fair shade is super bright and high coverage so it can cover a multitude of sins. Only one con: it creases like m-a-d, so powder up.

Buxom Full On Lip Polish – Sophia

Great gloss, plumping with a hint of sparkle that’s a great pink-nude-mauve shade. I can’t find it in fullsize and it’s making me a little emotional. Also, the smell. Just, sweet burnt caramel. *I just got my hands on ‘White Russian’ and well, Buxom it’s lip product love.*

Tweezerman Tweezers

My eyebrows cannot be tamed. Okay they can – these guys help more than any other tweezers in existence. They may be pricey but they sure are worth it!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes – Matte Black 0L

Waterproof black eye liner, what more can a girl ask for in the hottest month of the year? Nothing. This stuff sets, doesn’t budge but doesn’t make you feel like your clawing your eye out when your trying to remove it. Is it a unicorn? Maybe. It’s that magical.

Indeed Labs – Hydraluron

The stuff dreams are made of. Caroline Hirons raves about this (and so does every other beauty blogger from the UK) and for a good reason, this stuff packs a punch of hydration smack dab into the face of your skin, wait, face, wait the skin on your face. You get me. All the inside-the-air-onditioning-is-blasting-sucking-out-the-moister-from-your-skin to the outside-its-boiling-its-humid-its-actually-HELL my skin is not lovin’ life. A dab of hydraluron before the moisturiser seems to be doing me some wonders (now I’m dreading the moment I run out of this stuff *SOB*)

MAC 187 Duo Fiber Brush & Fix +

Too much powder because you know you’ll be sweatin’ all that paint on your face the moment you lock that front door? Went a little overboard with the Josie Maran Cheek Gelee? A spritz of Fix + and some blending with the 187 will solve it. Also, super soft duo-fibers are relaxing to stroke like your very own pet skunk! (I take literal showers in Fix+, I love me some setting spray.)

The Read: Into The Gloss

the read into the gloss

ITG has to be one of my favourite magazine-blog-website hybrids for beauty, unlike the usual plethora of personal blogs it features a variety of writers without falling into the cliche magazine style writings of say… (which is cute too, but…) I find all the articles interesting, if not that well researched at times, but generally I enjoy a different tone in all of my beauty content.

The recent series “A beginner’s guide to make up brushes” is a great example, it’s all stuff I know – but well produced and edited, as well as… interesting really.

Watch Part I & Part II, have a great weekend!


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