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3 Things: Hair

hairtools Hair is a tricky thing, a bit of humidity and… frizz! You work on those curls and then – they drop. You slave over a  blow-out at home only to have it go all wonky within minutes. But look no further I’ve got a 3 things you should try…

Duck-bill Clips:
Do you set your hair after a blow-dry or after curling it? No? You should. The shape hair cools in is the shape it’s most likely to retain – cue the went to sleep with wet hair and it’s shaped like the pillow montage. So what should you do? After curling hair you can wrap it back up in the curl shape and pin it. If you blow-dry your hair and want a bit of a curl or wave grab sections and ‘pin-curl’ them – the larger the sections the larger the curl. A really large curl easily becomes a some movement in the hair. This also works on hair that’s been straightened and is now cool, black your hair with some heat from a blow-dryer and wrap the sections around your fingers, pin them. Let it all set on your head for as long as you can, I do my make-up drink my coffee and only take them out 10 minutes before I leave; give it a quick  ‘Juj’ (or Zoosh if you’re polish) or a comb through with fingers and a spritz of hairspray. Leave the house with some glorious bouncy movement filled hair.

A Toothbrush:
Yes yes that thing you brush your teeth with works wonders on the frizzy little baby hair we’ve all got hanging about. If you’re battling the little ones while pony-tailing it up simply comb them as you go. The tightly packed bristles of a toothbrush ( try to use the cheap ones you get for free from the dentists or at hotels, these work best!) will quickly place those hairs into place unlike a normal comb. If it’s the fly-aways that are bothering you *raises hand* try some hairspray on your hair and then on the brush and brush them down  – all the spray will make them stick and the brush itself will give you the control to put those little rascals into place.

A Rat-Tail Comb:
Combs are great, they can be used as a comb – for hair combing purposes as well as hair brush cleaning purposes!  A rat-tail comb can also be used for sectioning your hair but that’s not what I’m here for. Cleaning a round barrel brush is annoying thing do you get a specialty brush cleaner thing? Nahhh. Grab the comb, hold your brush infront of you and the comb horizontal to the brush. Run the comb through the brush – be gentle don’t damage those bristles – and BAM! all those hair that have gotten captured over time? Gone.

Have you got any tips for hair share them in the comments or with a tweet @darisholy !

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