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The Discovery: A bit of Spring in my… Scent?


Spring has just come in, even if it’ll likely leave this place for hot summery weather before I can blink twice, and with it a change up of my usual scent infusing products. I’ve got it bad for Diptyque it’s a known fact. I’ll be the first to admit but these two together are oh so good that they make me question my loyalty to Foie De Bois.
Figuire  gets a lot of love online and for all the right reasons too, it’s a fresh sweet smell that’s a bit green and not too sickly. I’ve got the Home Scent so that I can spray it about the room or in my closet when it gets a little stuffy. Tubereuse  however is rarely spoken of, and I simply can’t understand why it’s counterparts Rose or Bais get all the talking about, it’s got this florally scent that’s not too… Grandma related. It’s a fresher than the traditional rose scent  and smells like… well the flower it’s named after really. The diptyque offering is gorgeous, and as always you needn’t actually light the candle to get the scent wafting about the room. I’ve got the special Coloured Candle edition which I think brings in a bit of something to my otherwise white space but the classic is just as well scented.

I’m just going to enjoy sitting here in my little good smells corner of the world,
I’d love to get some more home-scent combos so what are you enjoying this spring?

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