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The Tip: A Little Pamper

midweekpamperI’ve had a hard morning – my dog decided to start barking at about 5:00 AM, it’s now around 12:00 and I need some serious pamper time to feel human again, all of this on a holiday too – Geez Hermes! 

First thing I do is light a candle, Muji Log Fire is burning right now,  and make a cup of tea preferably herbal or green for extra relaxation and queue some youtube videos for entertainment.

A face mask never fails to make me feel like all is right in the world and I’ve got my Zen back – and double the masks? Even better. I love this Caudalie Purifying Mask because it’s nice and gentle but still makes a difference in your skin, it’s quit special for a clay mask as you put it onto wet skin and then let it dry. It’s very nourishing for a clay mask and makes my skin feel nice and clean. The I like to put on a moisterising mask and just let that sink in while I do the rest of my “Get-Back-Into-The-Groove” routine. Right now I’m loving this  sample I got of the Avene Redness Relief Soothing Repair Mask it feels beautiful on the skin and immediately calms down any irritation you might have going on while also giving you a little bit of a glow. I think this would be an amazing long-haul flight friend too – and it’s a lot more budget friendly then the ever so amazing Origins Drink Up mask. A slick of lip balm to moisturise is always a good idea too.

Face mask on I get to my nails. Painting my nails is something that makes me feel good, always. I love having them all done up and super glossy. One little chip and I’m likely to re-do them since that gets on my nerves, but I’m super fickle with colours and change it up 3 times a week. Today I went with a nice red to feel a little bit more jazzed up, what with the rough morning and the rather grey skies. Ugh, spring where’d you go?  I finish my polish off with a fast dry top coat and some hand cream and a spot of oil on the cuticles – Pamper session sorted.

Now, I need to make anther cuppa…

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