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The Discovery: All the Benefits, No 80’s Flashbacks.


Turquoise liner makes me feel like the world is going to do the twist and take me to “saved by the bell” but it’s got an awesome eye catching look! How do you get all the benefits of the super cool liner without going there? MAC’s Blue Brown Pigment.

This look is made up of 3 products (and your choice of mascara). Okay, so 4 products.
For the base I went with MAC Groundwork Paint Pot a matte medium brown that pulls slightly warm on me. But choose whichever medium brown shade you’d like or even a light beige for more of a pop on the eyes. Then line your eyes, I like to use Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen  in Brown for a less harsh look and also go for a super skinny line.Getting the liner super thin is hard if you’re a bit unskilled in the liquid liner department *raises hand*. So I simply press the tip to my lash line, creating loads of little elongated dots and then fill up the sparse spaces and other bits. Take your time – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and no liner takes 10 seconds to finish.

But so far, it’s a pretty simple *boring* eye look Dar! What am I even on about? Blue Brown. That’s What.
Grab a pencil brush ( or a cotton bud!) dip into the glorious pigment and run along the line of liner you made before and along the lower lash line. Blue brown has this awesome reddish tinge – but also blue toned duochrome action. It’s like rocking turquoise liner without, well turquoise liner really. All the benefits without the 80’s flashbacks.easyeye4easyeye3-2

* please excuse my frizzy hair.I’m out of my HG serum and it’s shampoo day. *

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