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Amelia Liana Made Me Buy It

I found out all about Amelia through a video by Lily Pebbles, where she took a peak into some of her favourite beauty insiders makeup bags. Shortly after that Amelia started her youtube channel and I was hooked. Her blog’s been around for quite some time how did I miss it? I don’t know. Amelia is the queen of the smokey eye and awesome hair, her posts and videos are thoughtful but funny and her dog is the cutest thing ever. Want to learn the perfect smokey eye – look no further. Here are some Amelia-Liana (of inspired buys… DSC_0546Clarin’s Blue Orchid Face Oil: A face oil for dehydrated skin that Amelia raved about; I finally buckled down and bought this when a nice discount made it’s way to my e-mail – and boy am I glad I did! The scent is a bit on the overwhelmingly herbal side but doesn’t linger and if you imagine you’re at the spa it’s all the better. I have some leftover marks from blemishes and it’s helped with the fading (but I can’t be sure it’s just this – SPF makes a difference in life). My skin also suffered a major freak out during the winter along with a terrible tightness that this oil promptly took care of.

DSC_0540Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer (SX05): Magic in a pot. A super pigmented, rich paste that can cover almost anything you can     imagine or be sheered out for a light coverage.  It takes a while to determine what shade you are ( if you can pop over to a counter and get colour matched) but once you find it – Pure. Magic. I love a concealer and I love a product that can do more than one thing – the better to justify the purchase it’s like 2-in-1. Use it to cover some pesky blemishes or marks and set with powder. I also like to use it on a small brush to define my brows by drawing around them and blending out. available from cultbeauty here

La Roche Posay Serozinc:
DSC_0548 I won’t talk too much about this because all you’ve got to do is check out Caroline Hirons to understand. This is basically zinc enriched mineral water in a pressurised can – but it’s so much more. If you can get your hands on some I highly recommend trying it out. These retail for about 5 euros in Paris so if you’re going (or have a nice person to shuttle some for you *mum*) try it out you won’t be disappointed. I feel a panic attack approaching at the thought of running out. Ever since Amelia spoke about this in a video I keep a stock I was in luck since my father went away to Paris for a meeting – so with a little begging I was 4 days later an addict. DSC_0543 Bourjois 1 Seconds Gel Finish Nail Polish: This dries seriously fast, seriously shiny. If you hate having chipped or unmade nails but sometimes run out of the house with your nails naked – this is the answer to your prayers. One swipe, and a few seconds later your done. Amelia has used this in the back of a taxi – it’s that good. It comes in a variety of colours but I love this red because you can’t got wrong with a classic red. Just swipe and go.   John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo & Conditioner: DSC_0549A great shampoo and conditioner for us finer haired girls who like some serious oomph. Lightly clarifying with a nice smell this duo will give your hair some volume that first day hair might lack otherwise. I’d blindly trust any hair (and otherwise) related product Amelia recommends why? Girl has some fab hair going on, always. The bright side with these? John Frieda makes the shampoo and conditioner in travel size too so you can try it out and then decide – and when you fall in love? Check out the salon size. available at feelunique here & here

What can I say? Amelia always has interesting posts and great choices in products – I love her videos she has such a great personality that really comes through the camera. If you haven’t checked her out on youtube go here – and prepare to lose a few good hours binge watching. Be careful of those sephora hauls though you might go on one too… (if you do the VIB sale is on – use VIBTICKET for 15% off  this only works if you’re a VIB)

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