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The Mask: Clay Time


Face masks are my little obsession (following finding that perfect lipstick… and maybe kittens) I enjoy little more than chilling about with a face mask on and a cup of tea. The best of the bunch? The skin clearing clay kind.
I’ll give you a run down of my favourites – including a nice little drugstore ‘fella, and 2 tips for getting them on (and off) fuss free.


Mask On, Mask Off

Getting masks on or off can be a bit of a… mess. Slapping your face with water can result in your sink area looking like a rather unfortunate pool area. So here are 2 tips to getting a mask on with out getting your hands smeared with gunk (and wasting product!) and then getting it off without turning the room into a swamp.

A Brush

We all have a classic flat foundation brush lying around so put that thing to good use ASAP. Make sure it’s clean and synthetic ( I like the Real Technique Foundation Brush) then simply paint the mask on your face. Fingers?  Clean.

A Flannel

Like using a hot cloth cleanser? Yup. Get the same ‘feel when taking your mask off too! Grab a flannel, run it under hot water and lay it on your face. This loosens the mask too, after it’s not so warm anymore – wet it again and gently wipe away the mask. Toss the flannel in the wash but first give it a good wash in the sink or your flannel will forever remember the clay mask session you had.

The Line Up


Avene Cleanance Mask

The good old drugstore offering! This mask is great if you’re having a bit of a… spotty time if you know what I mean – and there’s a built in exfoliator too! Slap this on wait 5 min or so and then add some water and watch as this turns to a gentle scrub to help your complexion just a little bit. This mask is great if you’re short on time or it’s been a rough day and you don’t feel like faffing about with masks too much.

Aesop Parsley Seed Mask

The cult favourite, you’ve probably encountered someone  in the blogging/beauty sphere speaking of this utter gem of a mask. It’s a gentle cleansing mask that goes on fairly clear and dries down to a white cast but never leaves your skin feeling tight or dry just… clean. The scent isn’t as luxurious as some but rather clean and medicinal, a quick wash to get it off and you’re done!

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

This one is probably the harshest mask I’ve got and it’s rather alarming dark grey shade makes you look like the cliche I’ve-got-a-facemask-sorry-mr-mailman girl. If you feel the need to really give your skin a kick up the bum, and onto the clean-train this is probably all you want and a little bit more. It does give a tingly sensation that can be alarming at first but just imagine it’s all the gross bits being drawn out from your face and keep on going.


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