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The Tip: Handbag Heroes


What saves you in a pinch? A Handbag Hero! These are some bits that I like to keep around in my bag for, well any occasion’s sake. Because they might just save the day…
You’ve got the usual suspects hanging about: A lip-product I’m using Almay Liquid Lipbalm in Pink Pout right now as my all purpose lipgloss thing. A concealer this one is by Shiseido and comes in a squeezy tube with a slanted tip so you can patch up in case of some dire emergency *ehrm pimple action*, some powder for looking less like you hung out next to the fryer at McD’s and more like an actual human – Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder is like photoshop in a pan and never cakes on, a mini mascara is always useful for when you’ve left the out sans-mascara and look like a crazy person. A hint of perfume just in case and if you’re me a mini-highligher for “reasons”.

The Unusual  suspects? A cold cream, I like Avene’s Cicalfate for calming down any skin issue and promoting some healing action at the same time. A few bits of gum for when you’ve partied too much with the garlic at lunch *always*, a crystal nail file – they’re sturdy unless dropped and have a fine grit but can save a nail post-snag or tear. Lastly the little brow-razor from Japonesque, stray brow? Dealt with.

Have you got any Handbag Heroes? Share yours down below or with a tweet!

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