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Lily Pebbles Made Me Buy It

Lily Pebbles Made ME Buy It
Following yesterday’s post about Vivianna Does Makeup I simply have to write all about Lily Pebbles.
Lily is very much my speed – we share similar hair & eye colour as well as a penchant for instagraming food. She’s good friend’s with Anna so I knew it was gonna be a good one.
With the ability to make anything sound amazing ,you should check out her recent home-haul where she made cushion covers sound exciting, Lily’s posts are some of my favourites.
She’s also responsible for some discoveries that I seriously love…

Origin's GinZing

Origin’s GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser:
It’s kind of a running theme with Lily’s recommendations – they all smell amazing. This one lives up to all that it claims all while smelling line an orange creamsicle. A light moisteriser that is perfect for the daytime (as long as you remember to out in that SPF) all with a gel like consistency. I don’t know what it is about this one but it gives you a little boost in the morning it might be the scent or the ingredients, which are awesome, either way it’s love.  It’s a great one to try if you’re on the look out for something new but don’t have super sensitive skin as the fragrance might be a bit much. The eye cream from the range is great too – really brightening!


Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat:
YSL Le Teint Touche  Elcat
This foundation was all the rage back in 2012 when it launched – and rightly so. A light luminous foundation that gives that glowy dewy look that we all want without being greasy or slippery on the skin. If you like the Touche Eclat  you’ll love this and combined together? Perfection. I love wearing this one during the spring/summer time as the finish is a bit more appropriate and the coverage is nice and lightweight  Sweep on some blush and you’re off.It does tend to clingy to dry patches so be careful of those and if you’re a bit on the oiler side you might want to stay away or just powder it lightly. I wear the shade B20, but this comes in so many shades as well as a warmer toned BR shade – but keep in mind that these run a bit lighter than others in the range so get color matched to avoid any mishaps.

Muji Log Fire Candle

Muji “Log Fire” Candle:
One of my favourite things ever is Diptyque’s “Fois De Bois” candle, there’s nothing I enjoy more than burning it whilst I drink a nice cup of tea and read something. But that beautiful fire side smelling candle comes with one hell of a price tag – you kind of feel bad burning it (only to comfort yourself with the fact that you can reuse the jar for some awesome storage). In comes this little beauty – at only 3.50 pounds a pop you won’t feel bad burning it all the time, I know I don’t. They smell exactly the same in the jar – and while the Diptyque version does carry the scent better whilst burning, it’s such a minor thing that I can’t bring myself to care.

Maybelline The Rocket


Maybelline “The Rocket” Mascara:
Long, separated lashes and volume? Count me in. This mascara (which often get an honourable mention from Lily) brings it all for a great drugstore price. I’ve got the regular version in blackened brown but word on the street is that the waterproof version is seriously good too. If you haven’t tried this one yet – wait what are you doing? Go get it! Sheesh.


Diptyque PhilosykosDiptyque “Philosykos” Perfume:
I kind of saved the best for last – because this is the best perfume ever. I kid you not, I actually bought this based off of Lily’s review and description alone – we’re diptyque-less here and I had asked someone to bring me a bottle without ever taking a whiff. The description for this was fig, and I was kind of sold (I adore figs, to eat to smell like I’m not picky). When I finally got my hands on it I was in heaven. It’s everything you’d expect from something that proclaims to smell like a holiday in a greek island under a fig tree, fresh and sweet with a hint of spice. I’m not too fond of any sweet/fruity perfume usually I like mine nice and “clean” but this, this won me over and became the gateway to one serious Diptyque addiction. I’ll also mention how gorgeous the packaging is and that there’s a matching candle/room spray too so that you can smell the figuier all day long.

If you haven’t check out Lily’s blog or youtube yet – you most definitely should, I especially enjoy her eye looks and those rare times when she has a geek out over technology (because we’ve all got one inside, a geek that is). Other things to check out? The girl’s a true Londoner so if you’re swinging by she’s got some sweet recommendations for you. I can attest to them being awesome – Patty & Bun? Worth the queue. The Boots by Marble Arch? Drool inspiring. I hope you’re enjoying this first week of posts – I know I am!

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