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Lisa Eldridge Made Me Buy It


Oh, Lisa. I won’t bother you with too much about her because surely you know of her ( one of my marketing professors has heard of her. She’s that big). “The Lisa Eldridge Effect” is aptly named, that women mentions something? Hordes are out to try it and then take the plunge. Most of the product are high-end but c’mon Lisa uses it!

DSC_0599Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage:
If there is one concealer to rule the all – it’s definitely this. Two shades that you can mix (because your face? It’s not just the same colour all over.) to suit whichever part or thing you’re trying to conceal. Spot concealing is a chore but nothing looks better than it, slapping on some concealer can work but if you want that super natural “there’s hardly anything on my face in fact I’m a clear skinned youth without a single worry” look this is what you need. No really, you need this. How do you use it? Swipe a little concealer brush in each colour dab onto the area and then gently press into the skin using your finger. Watch as it melts into it and you’re left with no memory of the blemish. I once answered a pone call in the middle of spot concealing with this and it took me a few moments to remember where I’d stopped, I like to start at the forehead and end at the chin but I got confused it’s that good. Get colour matched though because figuring these shades out without trying? Madness! *for reference I’m SC-3 and usually a NW20 in MAC*


DiorSkin Nude BB Creme:
This is one awesome BB cream, now I don’t  know if there really are any ingredients that make this a great product that will make my skin better, but as a tinted moisturiser? It’s great. The finish isn’t too shiny or greasy looking like some BB creams are *Garnier I’m looking at you* I don’t want to say velvet because it’s a bit dewier than that. Slap this one and you’ll get some good looking skin. It also layers up quit well, so if you want to build up your coverage in some spots you can. The colour range is limited so beware. I love the smell of it too – this is a go to for summer days when I’m going to grab a coffee with someone and don’t want to go full on – but still want to have something on. Some mascara and a slick of gloss or balmy colour, and off I go.


DSC_0596La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Masque:
I’m actually wearing this mask as I write this. When my skin is misbehaving and I’m doing my pre-shower hair mask I like to use this. This is a great mask to have on hand, it’s super moisturising *no shit sherlock* but doesn’t overload the skin. As alway LRP products are great for sensitive skin, this is also a great mask for flights – you might look a little on the shiny/greasy side but who cares if your skin will not undergo the torture chamber that is a long-haul flight? I know I don’t! The strange looks from whomever is sitting beside you are less bearable but eh. I will emerge for the cabin lookin’ fly.



DSC_0595Chanel Ombres Matelassees De Chanel in “Charming” :
Or the palette that was and then wasn’t. This was all the rage come holiday time, every blogger spoke about it – but Lisa? She used this in a super cool eye/face look where she used the shadows as a base + liner, then in the brows and as a highlighter. Minds were blown, counters? Ransacked. I hadn’t actually had any hopes of getting my mitts on this. I drooled online. Who can resist the double cc’s or that quilt like embossment. Also, this was beauty maths at it’s finest – there’s 5 shadows and it’s only X amount – a single eyeshadow costs 0.5X ! It’s perfect! Then I was browsing the local beauty counters (post Zara splurge) and just asked the Chanel artist if they had it… They did. It was February. It was the last one. I stood there wondering “Should I? Really?” as I was debating this major life changing decision, a great thing happened. “I can give you 10% off” needless to say we left together. It’s been happily ever after ever since.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine in “Fuchsia In Rage”:


If you’ve had a read on this blog, then you already know that this is one of my favourite lipsticks – and if the name of the blog didn’t give it away, I take lipsticks very seriously.
Everything about this one is just… Je ne sais quoi! The packaging feels so hefty, and the gold colour has yet to fade ( I’ve put this one through the wringer too – thrown into a bag with the keys etc.) which is a testament to it’s greatness. Quick tip: The top of the lipstick is great as a mirror for touching up when you’re in a pinch.
Other than the super luxe packaging there’s the actual product itself – the entire rouge volupte line is one slick lipstick after anther. A light, moister-filled texture with a good amount of pigment that gives you some luscious juicy lips all with a sweet mago-y scent. Gimme. But after that spiel? Let me tell you bout this specific colour my dear dear friend. It’s a purple so scary in the tube you might run away but on the lips? Dot it on for a hint of just bitten lips that have been stained by blueberries. Feelin’ a little braver? Swipe on the stuff with a brush for a sheer cool toned pink shade. Want to go for the whole hog? Slick it on straight from the tube, and layer it. BAM!  A punch of purple colour.

That was my Ode  to all the stuff Lisa made me buy and love, and also marks the end of “Beauty Bloggers Made Me Buy It!” What’s coming up next? Many more posts to come (about how to use all those things we may or may not have bought ) and maybe some other things that were purchased, because you know “It’s not that I have too many things. My house isn’t big enough.” or there’s no such thing as too many eyeshadows. Or lipsticks. Or foundations.

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