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The Discovery: One (liquid) Liner To Rule Them All


Oh, liquid eyeliner the bane of my existence.
No really, I hate the stuff be it in pot or brush or pen the magical eye enhancing liquid never works. It always smudges, transfers or worse melts all over my lids. Most of the time there isn’t really a chance you’ll catch me rocking a liquid liner cat-eye because of the aforementioned reasons. But I might just have found my One True Liner aka the liner that I can actually work with without spending close to an hour on each eye and then setting it all with powder and then praying that it’ll stay where I put it and won’t you know go wondering all over my face. I’ve nattered on about my liner issues enough, the product solving my problems is the Blinc Ultra Thin Liquid Eyeliner Pen.

DSC_0933It’s got a super thin pen tip so getting a very thin line on the upper lash line is easy, as long as you’ve got a steady hand (it’s taken me a while to get that down) you’ll be fine. Compared to other liners (in the image is Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner) I’ve tried this one isn’t the blackest but if you’re looking to enhance the lash line this is what you want. The chances are this won’t produce a blackest black dramatic liner look but if you want that? Go for some gel liner and a brush and spend some time. To finish off the ‘look’ I curl my lashes, swipe on some mascara and tightline with some waterproof black pencil for some extra oomph. I like to keep a cotton bud on hand to clean up any mistakes I *will* make.

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