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The Discovery: Priming Your Hair


A primer for you hair?

Priming your hair sure does sound strange, a heat protectant – sure makes sense! Hair oil, mousse, gel, creme the list of things we might put onto our hair pre or post styling goes on and on… But a primer well this piqued my curiosity.
Back in October I had picked up the Alterna CC creme for hair but it was a fairly meh  product in my opinion. As I was browsing Sephora for the ever elusive something to order I stumbled onto the Living Proof Prime Style Extender a product that claims to lock in your style for longer had me adding it to my basket within a moment.
I have naturally curly hair that I blow dry using the Babyliss Big Hair, a magical spinning brush that makes getting a salon worthy blow out at home easy peasy, but my hair is awesome at defying any styling within moments. I once had gone to a salon to ask for a straight blow out only to leave and have my hair curl at the ends within 20 minutes of leaving. I’ve since come to terms with it that I’ll never posses stick straight locks unless I commit to a chemical driven treatment. To minimise hair damage I try to blow it out every 3-4 days and touch it up where it need with an iron or a curling wand.

Back to the Primer

This does lock in your styling, and it does extend whatever you did to your mane. I can now stretch out my blow out to 4 days (because going on 5 seems a bit… gross to me) and while my hair still likes to misbehave it’s become more manageable than ever. The product smells great too but that’s just  a bonus. I feel like it’s been reducing some of my frizz issues too but it might be something else I’ve introduced to my hair care routine.
If you’re in the mood for a new hair product to introduce to your routine you should definitely  check this one out.

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