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The Tip: Removing Makeup

cleanmugThere’s nothing better than a clean face – at the end of the day that is.
Sometimes, getting it all  off can be a bit of a hassle but if you don’t take care of your skin there’s a blemish in your future curtsey of the pore you’ve clogged up with all that slap over night. So here are 3 sure-fire ways to make sure your skin is C.L.E.A.N.

1  Remove the makeup:
I like to use the cult favourite Bioderma but any micellar water solution should work, or even a cleansing milk or just anything that will remove the bulk of your makeup off. I’ve tried the loreal paris one and it’s very good – as is the nuxe version  (even if it smells like a rose garden) but I’ve been using Bioderma for 2+ years now and it’s my one true love. I can prove it, since I have at least 3 500ml bottles of the stuff on hand and beg anyone going to France to bring me back a bottle. I once came back from Paris with 3 litres of the stuff.

2 Go to town on anything that’s left over:
Waterproof mascara sometimes likes to stay put after a the first round, same goes for liner that’s stuck between lashes or long lasting lip colour. I like to use a bi-phase solution to remove those straggling bits from my face, otherwise I wake up to find little black bits smeared beneath my eyes and that? Not a  good look. Use some cotton buds to make sure your lashes are clear of any product and wipe over the lips if needed. Clinique’s take the day off for eyes and lips is nice and is often given in GWP so I’ve got it on hand most of the time.

3 Wash your face with a cleanser:
But you must be asking, cleanser cleans your face – why’d I have to do all those other things before? Because, makeup that’s meant and produced to survive on your face all day long isn’t going to be removed completely by one simple step. I’m sorry but its the truth. This last step will make sure that your face is clean, so that when you put on your serum or moisturiser or oil you’ll be doing it on clean skin. I like to use a balm in the winter and a gentle gel cleanser in the summer for when I become a greaseball. I’m trying to finish this Boscia on up, it’s nice but not that nice – next up on my list? Either the Clarins Extra Comfort Anti Pollution Cleansing Cream or the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel.

So you know make sure you really clean your face.

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