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The Discovery: Good Old Ones


I’ve recently been a bit naughty with the purchases – but while I’ve got a slew of new products to try out and play with there’s still the good old bits I’ve got lying about. The first make-up brand I really got into is MAC, I’ve got quite a few items from them and at times feel the need to use them up!
So instead of going to town on all the brand new stuff I’ve got (I promise to feature it all in a bit) I’ve decided to try and use something ‘old’ at least twice a week. Today? I rediscovered my love for Woodwinked, Shroom and Soft Brown.

If you haven’t had a swatch session at your local MAC counter then you should most definitely check these fellas out.
Shroom  is a shimmery light champagne colour that works well as an all over the eye lazy day shade or as a soft impact highlight. It cab also work double duty as a highlighter it gives off more of a sheen than full on glittering shine if you get what I mean.
Woodwinked  was the first MAC shadow I purchased, at the young age of 16. That one has since passed, probably shattered in a cat related incident, but the love I have for this browny gold shade that packs a serious amount of metallic shine? That hasn’t left the building and might even never leave. This shade is awesome for bringing in some light to a smokey brown eye by placing it on the centre of the lid or as I did today lightly packed on the middle and outer third of the eye.
Soft Brown  is a great crease shade when you think about it, it’s matte which is perfect for that and has a warmish brown tone but it’s not too dark or too light, it just gives the slight definition you’d want in the crease. I like running it under my eye for a hazy liner look, ‘Olsen’ anyone?

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