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The Sunday: Pamper


Oh Sunday! The day before the week really starts, when everything takes it down a gear – but with the looming stress of the week ahead and the bit of partying fun from the night before all mix in together. How do you make sure you’ll start off the week fresh and cheerful? A bit of a pamper of course (not to confuse with the Wednesday Pamper ! That one deserves a post all of it’s own)…

For me a bath is always  a good idea, with a nice candle burning – I’m currently getting through the Rituals Sacred Fire Candle that I got around christmas – but the ‘Under A Fig Tree‘ is beautiful too. I like to sip some tea while I chill in my tub, often there’s something playing on my iPad too – either a YouTube playlist or a TV show (I’m loving Game of Thrones now), for maximum relaxation I reach for Green Chai Tea from Pukka. A bath without some salts or oils isn’t really a bath for me I’ve got a deep love for Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts it’s like good sleep in a jar.
Lastly I like to slap on some masks – for the hair and for the face. I’ve already penned a rather long ode to clay masks – that you can find here and with hair masks I’m a bit of a floozy I just pick up whatever is on offer at the store and work my way through it.

The most important thing though? Try to enjoy some me time during the weekend! Working and school can be a bit overwhelming as can be trying to squeeze in assignments, meeting up with friends and family dinners in the space of so little time. Just make sure you take a breather for you.

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