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Viviana Does Makeup Made Me Buy It

It’s the blog’s first week – and what a better way to celebrate than with other bloggers!
So this week there’ll be a “Beauty Bloggers Made Me Do it!” series featuring some of my favourite beauty bloggers and the purchases they triggered. We all love reading beauty blogs ( if not why are you here?) and more often than not a youtube video or a post can make us go out and purchase.


Anna was (I think) the first beauty blogger/youtuber I started following – and may or may not be the catalyst of my obsession. She can literally sell me  anything… (It’s okay bank balance, it really is).
Anna has her style down to a T, beauty and style wise, and if you’re the minimal makeup for maximum effect kinda gal – no faffing about here; you’ll fall in love. Love I tell you. Also, she has never failed to make me smile when I see a new video in my sub-box on Sunday.
Want to know a little bit more about what the VDM inspired me to purchase? Keep Readin’ 

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting PowderKevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder “Medium”:
This was my first VDM fuelled purchase – and it happened by mistake but I am so glad for it.
How did I live without this before it came into my life? I have no clue. This powder is like cheek bones in a pan, swipe and blend out and BAM. I’ve done only one side and showed it to the boy-friend to get asked “Why is your face weird looking?”. If you are fair-ish and find that bronzers make your contour resemble an oompa loompa look no further. I had heard the rave reviews about this and was skeptical, since I have cheekbones (Thanks Dad!) but had always found contouring a bit of a hassle that ended out weird looking. I’d had a makeover done by a nice Artist at the counter, after I’d told her that I wasn’t really looking for anything but was game to try stuff out, and when I saw this at work I simply handed over my card. It’s also great in the crease – but unlike eyeshadows this just melts into the skin to look like a shadowed hollow of cheekbone-y goodness.
Anna claims that she has no cheekbones – but as far as I can tell she most certainly does, so maybe it’s all down to this? Probably.
Available from CultBeauty here

Nars And God Created The WomanNars “And God Created the Woman” Palette:
Neutral but glam eye in a box.  This little palette isn’t the most exciting looking, but if you’re a bronze eye-d loving this-is-so-cute-and-tiny person this ticks all the boxes. The palette came with the Nars “3” brush which is a nice little travel sized shader brush and a mini Nars Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base (which is da bomb IMHO). Take your pick from the 6 shades and you’ve got yourself an eye-look no matter what, no need for fancy pops of colour or even blending. You can use the lighter shades as a one sweep wonders for a wash of colour all over the eye or fancy it up with some shading in the crease or a smokey eye with a hint of shimmer. I love to use the dark brown shade (Coconut Grove) on lazy days as a liner with the lightest shade (Alhambra) all over. Some mascara and I’m off. The greatest bit though? The dark almost black shade – Night Clubbing; it’s actually a blackened green with non-offensive golden microglitter.
Available from Sephora here

Japonesque Razer

Japonesque “Touch Up Razor Set”:
I was on vacation in NYC binge watching some VDM whilst munching on some S’mores cupcakes when these babies were mentioned. Little razors with a brush-type thing to touch up your unruly brows? Count me in. I like to keep one in my makeup bag just in case some pesky hair decides that it has a mind of it’s own and rebels against my brow-gel. Or when I haven’t had time to get those fella’s waxed by a pro and all the little fuzzy buddies are back with a vengeance.
Don’t get too happy though – you might regret it. (Anna also may have muttered something about being useful in the bikini area… A little nugget to consider.)
I got these at the nice Duane Reed on 51st & 3rd, with the big beauty section.




Maybelline Colour Tattoo in “Bad To the Bronze”: 
Yet anther neutral shimmery taupe that you can just swipe on and go – no brushes needed either. The formula on these is pure awesome creamy with loads of pigment that can be sheered out or used as a base for a more intense look. These set and don’t crease which is great if you’ve got a busy day and don’t want to be checking that your eyeshadow hasn’t decided to pursue the migration patterns of a flock of birds.
My tip for any cream shadow? Screw the top back up tight and store cap side down to minimise the drying out and eventual sobbing that it’s like the Sahara in there.
Available in most drugstores and at Feelunique here.
DSC_0587Nars Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base:
Eyeshadow that doesn’t move ever this is where it’s at. I have some very oily lids apparently because practically anything creases on me – yes, even MAC paintpots. Yes even if I set them with powder.  The curse of creasing eyeshadow is a hard one to bear, you always have to check that your careful blending hasn’t decided to migrate and bunch up in your crease, so that when you blink or close your eyes you look like a crazy person. I’d been told that it was my eyeshadows that weren’t up to par – that’s why they crease! I was  all “but even the best eyeshadows (Urban Decay, Mac) crease!” What’s a girl to do other than avoid all the shadows and just stick to some liner and mascara? This primer. That’s what anyone with creasing problems should do. A little goes a long way and I’ve been on the same tube for over 7 months now – and still going.  The packaging gets a bit gunky (black matte Nars packaging is notorious for attracting fingerprints so just imagine it in white…) but who cares when the product is that good. I don’t.


If you’ve never visited Anna’s blog or been to her youtube channel you should. Go grab a cup of tea and watch some videos or read some posts. I love it when I find a blogger I can relate to, that has the same style that I like and loves products that I love. It means I can trust their opinion in the future on other things – and Anna? Hasn’t failed me yet. Probably never will either.
Also – Anna posts some awesome recipes everyone in a while – her hummus? Pure Genius.

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