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The Wishlist: Berlin Edition

wishlistIt’s very likely that I’ll be headin’ to Berlin this time next month, and while I don’t like composing wish-lists usually the prospect of trying out some new things counter-side is irresistible to me. I try not to put a list down on paper until I think *I know* for almost sure I’ll be picking the stuff up. Otherwise it just ends in disappointment. Since it’s highly unlikely for me to buy anything without a copious amount of research before hand, I’ll give you my 2 cents based on things the internet told me.
Byredo Parfums Apocalyptic Candle – this should be a nice excursion from my Diptyque obsession as with most scents it’s better to give this a whiff before purchase which I imagine I most certainly will. Kiehl’s Dark Spot Correcting Treatment – this is meant to be a wonder at facing acne scarring and treating dark spots, I’m battling the first and my mother the second at the moment so this might just work out for the both of us + I’ll also pick up the midnight recovery oil which is amazing. Diptyque Geranium  Odarata Roll On – I love the smell of Geranimum and I also love Diptyque, this scent is new for summer so I’ll be sure to check it out and maybe buy, I find the roll ons to be a great option and more comfortable to carry that a bottle. Nars Yachiyo Brush – I’ve seen Anna whip this one out to apply blusher recently and it just sparked my interest, it’s a steep one so I’ll want to fondle it a bit before taking the plunge. Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm – I have zero ability to resist some Aesop, the packaging wins me usually as it looks like old apothecary stuff and the smells… oh my. I don’t need anymore cosmetic related purchases as I went mad in a french pharmacy a little while back so a hand-balm to combat the summer time dry spell that is led by AC blasts it is. Louise Young Super Foundation Brush this one won’t be a Berlin purchase but it’s just as likely that I’ll keep wanting it next month and will eventually cave and order it with so many on the ‘net singing it’s praises this brush seems right up my street. Big brush to apply foundation, soft but buffing and best of all a quicker application, what’s not to love? Nars Creamy Concealer in Vanilla this one has been playing games with me, there’s a mass shortage in London counters where I last tried to buy it maybe this time I’ll be lucky? Touted as a high coverage creamy concealer that looks awesome I just have to check it out.
Have you got some products on your mind, and things I should check out?

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