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The Discovery: A New Lip Duo


As summer approaches it’s all about the lighter lipsticks, from the bright poppy pinks to the nude-y pinks there isn’t a red in sight.
I’ve just stumbled onto an awesome combination – MAC’s Peach Blossom & Buxom’s Sophia gloss.

Peach Blossom is a perfect balance of peach, pink and nude – it’s slightly lighter that my natural lip colour but not in a mannequin lips kind of way, it’s a perfect nude but not nude shade.
Buxom’s Sophia gloss is a cool almost lilac-y pink with the most gorgeous formula ever! It’s a plumping gloss that has a cooling menthol feel (and isn’t that just great in the hot hot days of summer) but it doesn’t sting or feel strange. Layered the two make for a great colour combo that feels awesome on the lips.

What’s your summer ready lip combo?

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