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Skin Care: Blemish Busters

DSC_1030I’ve been having a bit of a rough time lately. Ever since I turned 23 my skin has been,well, not as it used to be really.
There are multiple reasonsfor this – an increase in stress (that’s been dealt with using yoga, tea and copious baths but uni can do that) along with a shoddy diet (I can’t resist junk ok? Mhmm chocolate!) and hormones that have been going haywire (I’ve stopped taking birth control for health reasons). All of these together equal to some hormonal acne and scarring afterwards (since I’m paler than the moon and bruise like a peach). 
These are the products that have been helping me deal with all of these since short of going back to the pill, or worse taking acne medication, there isn’t much I can do. Add about 2-3 litres of water a day and low-lactose diet (can’t resist my milk chocolates!) it’s been looking a bit better.
The first thing I noticed back when I stopped taking birth-control was that my skin changed – it went from being normal and a bit dry to a greasy oily mess. I overloaded on powder and shine fighting primers, it was not a good idea. I hadn’t been a serious cleanser then and it would seem that the product buildup in my pores led to even more blemished. eck. Then I discovered the beautiful thing that is double cleansing, add in a toner – La Roche Posay Serozinc – at the end and ahhhh perfection.
To top it off I like to use a very gentle moisturiser, no fragrance no none-sense, is my skin is flaring up. I like the Toleraine range but not too fussy there as long as it’s moisturising and light it’s all good.
Next up? A crime-fighting duo! Okay, blemish fighting. For upcoming blemishes that need a good zap I like the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, it’s filled with salicylic acid to dry those icky fellas up, you go to sleep with some pink-white dots all over your face but the SO will have to zip it. Once the blemishes are dried up and gone I  like to use Avene TriAcneal to deal with the residual damage, and to reduce the scarring, on me even if they are left alone there’s scars why? No clue. But the pink-tinged skin stays forever and the irritation/pain too, TriAcneal has a load of acids that chemically exfoliate the skin so that reduces the discolouration and makes for better skin texture, but you’ve got to be diligent with SPF when using this.

In a nutshell –

  • Clean your skin, and do it well.
  • Make sure to use SPF and to drink a lot
  • Try cutting down on dairy products, as they’re filled with hormones

If you’re still having issues I’d consult with a dermatologist and get some bloodwork drawn up – it could be an underlying issue you aren’t aware of. For me, the above as been working out – I’ve always had some blemishes even when on the pill but it had helped there (but made other things alot worse!).
Have you got any tips for fighting hormonal acne? Scarring? Share them with me – I’d love to get some more suggestions!

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