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The Base: Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet


The new Chanel launch snuck up on a lot of us in a sense, there wasn’t hype about it coming nor some fancy campaign, it was all very understated really – a bit like the Chanel mentality maybe. After the rave reviews surrounding Vitalumiere Aqua – and my own personal love of that little bottle (I’m almost running out and the thought makes me panic) I had to try the new one. With it’s promise of a velvet matte finish and the all black packaging how could I resist?

Chanel Perfection Velvet Lumiere is touted as a lightweight foundations that smoothes the skin and hides imperfections under a velvety matte finish. I usually stay away from matte finishes since I find that dewy skin handles the heat well in the sense that the sweaty look just keeps on going and that during the winter it looks great too. It helps that most dewy finish foundations are lightweight and if I need extra coverage I just use a bit of concealer. So this one was a bit out of my comfort zone – but maybe a change in the routine is in order I thought. I asked my mother to pick it up for me in the DutyFree in Paris, she was shocked at the size/price ratio – but it’s a standard 30ml bottle that’s just deceptively small. Perfect for the travel I hope to do during the summer.


The feel of the foundation is very similar to the Vitalumiere Aqua. As its water based so you need to shake the little bottle and then apply, fingers work well for this (Vitalumiere Aqua on the left, Perfection Lumiere Velvet on the right). The shades are also comparable across the range, I’m B20 in both in the summer months – but find that PLV is  a smidge darker when swatched.  On the face they look the same to me, and make me look just a hint darker than I am right now – nothing unnatural or approaching Oompa-Loopa territory just a healthy sun-kissed glow to my sun deprived skin. I’m a big believer in SPF on a daily basis so that’s unlikely to change much in the future.


As you can see from the swatches above (VLA on left, PLV on right) PLV is a bit more matte, but it isn’t flat or mask like – there’s a hint of luminosity that makes it seems like skin  and that makes this formula awesome. It lasts well on the skin and soaks up a bit of the sweat and shine that you get during the day so I think it looks even better near the middle of the day than it does when just applied.  It’s got SPF15 which is nice and the packaging doesn’t hurt with it’s utilitarian nature. If you are in the market for a slightly more matte foundation and don’t mind the scent of Chanel offerings this one is for you.

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