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The Favourites: May


Oh May, just at the edge of summer – when the days get much warmer and the humidity goes through the roof. But  it also means that my skin gets a bit darker than it’s usual shade so I can break out the summery bases.

This month’s favourites are a mix of new and old finds, let’s start off with the tools:
The Beauty Blender (excuse how grubby mine is..) is a great way to apply or to blend anything, I dampen it with cold water under the tap then squeeze out all the access water and ‘bounce’ it all over my face to blend out all the products on my face for an ‘airbrushed’ look. It’s also a great thing to have on hand if you’ve caked it on too much… The Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush is something that I picked up in London a few months back, and have been using to contour with ever since but with the onset of summer – and a need for bronzing – it hasn’t been sculpting at all! Rather I love using this to set my base with a light dusting of powder and to highlight on the cheekbones. It’s a great brush overall, but man, have I not been using it to it’s fullest or what!
I won’t go on too much over the skincare bits now, but I will say that the Avene Cleanance Mask has been very helpful in making my skin feel clean and that the Boscia Black Cleanser has been making sure that no dirt stays on my face after a long day of hitting the books or typing up papers. Libraries are a dirty place (not really, but getting to them? Yuck.)
As you can imagine with finals on my heels (coming up in 2 weeks time ) I’ve got my fair share of dark circles due to late nights reading up on material and early mornings for group sessions, all of which are prompty dealt with the super high coverage Seventeen Phawoarr Paint that I wish made me want to roar instead of yawn in the mornin’ time but at least it makes me look human again. As I’m spending a fair amount of time indoors but still wish to look like I’ve been getting my vitamin D fix from the sun I’ve cracked out my Dior NudeSkin BB Creme which is a smidge too dark but makes me look healthier which is good.
On my lips I’ve been loving the Maybelline ColourSensational Shine Gloss in Fabulous Pink for a hint of shimmer or the Bourjois Rouge EditionVelvet in PinkPong for a bright pop of colour.
Lastly in order to keep my hair out of my face I’ve been using the Goody Spin Pins to pin it up into a bun with out getting a headache from a hair tie. I’ve been liberally rolling on my summer-time fragrance from last year in between the stacks – because the smell of libraries is great but this is so much better; Diptyque’s Eau Moheli smells like a exotic island escape – exactly what I’m dreaming of while summing up my class notes.

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