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New In: Repurchases


I love buying new beauty bits as much as the next girl but sometimes you just run out of old favourites, when something runs out you really need to evaluate it – will I buy again or was it just ok?
These 3 are most definitely products I like to have just in case (in case of what? A beauty apocalypse? )

So what did I make sure to pick up again when the tubes were squeezed beyond human capacity, bottles tipped over for the last drop? The gorgeous Korres Wild Rose Instant Brightening Mask, one of those product that just does what it says on the tin, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg *ehm REN Glycolactic* and is great in a pinch. It’s gentle and lovely, I love popping it on in the morning when my skin looks rough and I have a meeting or something and want to look bright-eyed and bushy tailed without going craaazy with the brightening concealers. Next is the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate a good old face oil that works wonders as you sleep, there’s a blend of pure plant oils in there that work together to give plump and healthy skin by the next morning – I like using this a couple of times a week when I’ve been bad with the water intake or around smog.
Lastly there’s the real treat, Dior’s Addict Lip Glow Balm which is a lip balm and lip colour hybrid  it’s not the most moisturising of balms but it reacts to your skin’s PH levels to produce a uniquely you colour and I’m a sucker of beauty science! It’s one of those things that is just nice to have on hand for whenever. 

What products do you freak out over when they run out? Let me know!

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