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The Balm: Korres Lip Butter in Jasmin


I had a short layover in Brussels last week as I was coming back from Berlin, and while I did enough damage there the #feelingspendy times just kept on rollin’.

Enter a freestanding Korres store – with every single Korres item a girl can hope for. I only picked up this little fella (okay, so I got some shower gels too but they were on offer I promise) but my god, why did I not own this sooner?
It’s a lip butter so you can imagine the consistency is well, for lack of a better term, buttery. There I said it.
The jasmine, flavour? Colour? No clue what to refer to this as truly but regardless, version is the nude-est of the bunch and smells like a sweet sugary butter biscuit.

Let’s talk about the product and what it does. It’s a sheer lip tint that gives you moister, there’s no gloopyness like the reve de miel from Nuxe nor is it super shiney like vaseline. The colour payoff is low, but still present this one gives off a beige nude wash that tones down naturally pigmented lips for a nude-pink lip that doesn’t result in mannequin lips. In terms of moister it’s afairly nourishing formula for day to day wear but I wouldn’t say that this would solve cracked peeling lips.
All in all? This in a good one! Perfect for those low maintenance days when you still want a little something

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