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The Mask: Lush Fresh Edition


Lush’s Fresh Face Masks are a real treat, since there are no Lush locations anywhere near me – whenever I happen upon a Lush I make sure to pick one up. I was lucky enough this time to receive one as a gift with purchase due to some major damage made… *cough* Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner *cough* but that’s for anther day (e.i. When I finish my current body moisturiser)
On to the mask!

Ayesha is said to be an ‘anti-aging’ facemask but that really shouldn’t throw you off is you’re part of the under 25 demographic, I’m a firm believer that you should start fighting wrinkles ASAP anyway, it’s a real perk me up for the skin and has some amazing ingredients.
The best part? Both you and mum can enjoy it. My mum found it a real treat, and I quote “It’s so much fun!”

Lookin’ Good

Ayesha brightens and tightens while giving some moister and calming the skin at the same time. ” We use moisturising honey and fresh asparagus and kiwis in this brightening fresh face mask. Fuller’s earth and witch hazel absorb dirt and oil, helping to tighten the skin, whilst elderflower vinegar and elderflower oils balance out skin tone. ” Is how Lush phrase it, and really this is a perfect description.  I love the fact that when you take it off you get some gentle exfoliation from the kiwi seeds and earth. 
This mask needs to be kept in the fridge, can be used once a week and left on clean skin for 10-15 minutes. It’s got a funky, earthy scent that’s not pleasant but not unpleasant either. Clean up can be messy, so keep a flannel on hand and some warm water. The key here is not to let it dry on the skin all the way. The best part about faffing about with the fridge? When it’s hot out, stick this on (or any fresh face mask) and just ahhhhh


Lush Ayesha 6.95$ /6.25£ for 2.1g or 10.45 € for 45ml

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