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3 Ways: Dry Nails


Getting your nail polish to dry is a hassle; but luckily there are products (and hacks!) that can aid in the quest for a quicker drying nail so that when you inevitably must tie back your hair seconds after slicking that final coat on you won’t be sobbing with frustration.

The Natural Way – Ice (Ice, Baby):

If you’ve no cash to spare, down on your luck but still have to get that polish dry meet your chilled out best friend – Ice. It’s great in your coffee during the hot summer months but it’s also awesome for hardening nail polish. Once you’ve put all your polish on, simply stick your fingers in some ice cold water for a few seconds. The cold will “seal” the polish and make it dry-to-the-touch, so don’t do anything too intense (pillow creases will appear!) but typing and such will be doable.

The Polish Way – Sally Hansen Dries Instantly:

If you’ve read any of my previous posts about nails you’ll have seen this fellow. Seche Vite is very popular I know, but this guy? I’ve been using it happily for the last couple of year and it never disappoints. Polish dries super fast, leaving a shiny glossy top coat along with it. Best of all? It’s a drugstore find (not too cheap but still awesome).

The Drop Way – Bourjois Instant Dry:

I picked this little one up in the Duty Free a little while back (my nails were looking rough, I got a nail polish too!) with the plan on painting them in flight. I didn’t because I fell asleep 30 minutes in but I’ve played around with it at home and like it very much. The finish isn’t as glossy as I’d like, but the oils leave your cuticles nice and nourished while your polish is dry.


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