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Food Time: #tortillaproblems


If you’ve been following my on Instagram *cue shameless plug!* @darisholy you may have noticed an abundance of coffee cups, cats and tortillas.
Yes, tortillas. These are my go to’s when I get hungry but actually making food is out of the question.
Since I keep a steady supply of avocados around, often referenced to as my Avocado-Farm and usually there’s some sort of pre-made chicken breast/legumes or at my very desperate an egg as well as tomatoes, lettuce and the most important Hot Sauce in the fridge constructing some sort of tortilla based meal is super easy.
I like whole-wheat tortillas as they are slightly sweeter, or the corn variety for a little diversity in my tortilla department.
Once I’ve got everything on hand all that’s left is construction, take the tortilla – spread some avocado on it, layer the lettuce meat and tomatoes sprinkle some cilantro and hot sauce – then go a head and eat.

#TortillaProblems isn’t just a problem, it’s a life style (of lazy eating, with emphasise on fresh food.)

Check me out on Instagram for a steady stream of tortillas – and let me know you insta-account, I love finding new people to follow!

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