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In My Bag: Exam Edition


So exams are finally over *hurray!* and all I’ve left is a 20 page seminar paper and a 2 week intensive program, but looking back at my exam time beauty/essentials bag is most certainly interesting. Well, I love a good what’s in my bag – because I’m a nosey person like that.

What’s in my bag?

A calculator, because you never know when the financial formula will be needed – same goes for a dictionary but that doesn’t fit in a little makeup pouch, my favourite pens – the Muji 0.38 in black and blue a.k.a regulation standard these are the best pens the plastic casing feels nice in the hand and the super fine tip with the super smooth gel ink are really a nerds dream come true.
On to the good bits! For the hands I like to keep a fast drying top coat on hand, since a chip will likely drive me to distraction and subsequent procrastination via repainting my nails (anything but revision eh?) so a swipe of top coat every few days is perfect to keep the nails in tip-top condition – I also like a little moisture just in case, here it’s in the form of Lush’s New Charity Pot which is an all body moisturiser thing that skins in quick and smells pleasant. As always, a sample of perfume in case things get smelly – be it a stuffy exam room, where I’ll spray my wrists and hair to have a whiff of freshly scented goodness every once in a while or when the summer heat has just gotten to me.
A hair tie, preferably the ribbon kind from Sephora which is in my opinion the best out there, a bit of lip balm (currently it’s the cranberry lip balm from Khiel’s which is quite nice) and then the usual suspects – a mini mascara, face powder/bronzer from Jour which is nice and slim, a mini eyeliner from Eyeko incase the cat-eye goes anywhere a bit of gloss and whichever eyeshadow palette I feel like toting around incase of an emergency day-to-night look change is needed. Oh, and a little sample of the Benefit Big Easy Bigger than BB cream because it works as an emergency concealer and the shade works well with my summer tan as well as a very random lipgloss/brush hybrid from Pixie that I got as a gift with purchase and I’m trying to use up because lawd that is sticky like glue. 

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