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New In: Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up Liner


So there’s a new eyeliner tool on the block, and it’s different than anything else – but is it as awesome as you’re being told?
Well, I’ve just gotten my hands on this fellow last night  and I’ve already played with it twice – I don’t know if that’s enough to form a real concrete opinion but I can share some preliminary thoughts.

The Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner is touted as the solution to all your liner problems – it’s not, but don’t let that deter you! If you’re a total liner noob this may be the best or worst thing ever for you (I know not helpful Dar) it’s easy to apply a nice super black winged liner but it won’t look like a super sleek clean liquid liner line – since it’s a gel liner not a liquid. If you like liquid liner, and it’s slightly more sheen-y finish and the smooth application this product will be very frustrating for you. The application is strange, you crank the product out, a little bit comes out thru the nib and you run it from the nib along the entire flexible applicator that is slanted to aid in “flow”.

There are more than a fair share of raves and rants as well as application demos on youtube, is it love? Not really – but I did want to try it out. The formula is super black, matte and long wearing (get those duo-phase make removers ready ladies!) but it is fiddly; you crank the pen, apply one eye – work quickly because this stuff sets  and then rinse repeat the other eye. I like the effect and I can be sure that this stuff won’t move or smudge during the super hot summer months while I sweat my everything away, it is hard to get a super slim delicate line – but for that I’ve other options.

Overall:   it’s a nice liner, that has it’s faults ( it’s a hassle to apply) and it’s awesome parts to (super black, not pot gel liner!) , the most important thing? Do not lose the little stopper that came with it. It’ll dry out without it.

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