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New In: Charles Worthington Texturising Spray


I love me some texture in my hair. Since I wash it about 2 times a week, and then go onto styling it with an iron – I don’t get the benefits of dirty hair that is gloriously styled. My hair? Gets greasy at the top and dry at the ends (it’s the heat styling, I know) and volume at the crown? Dream about it. This stuff is the solution. It’s a bit of grit and hold all at once, I had picked up 2 bottles in Boots (when I was in London a while back) and between the masses of product I have *hoard*  those just got lost.
I’m now half way through the first, and the thought of running out stresses me, it’s a perfect addition to my hair routine.
I use it as a finishing spray, spritzing some in the roots for a little lift and a bit though the ends- mid length for a little grit and texture. On 2nd or 3rd day hair I like to give a quick refresh with a bit of dry shampoo and loads of salt spray for that messy hair thing that just works. 
Supposedly this is a good dupe for the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray  that I just can’t bring myself to purchase quit yet, but knowing me I’ll cave and get that as well as the Surf Comber Mousse. I’m  a sucker for good hair product – got any recommendations?  Send them my way.
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