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New in: Facial Sprays


Facial sprays are awesome, I’ve recently taken the plunge  and invested in the big bottle of Caudalie’s cult Eau de Beaute which is the most luxurious of them all, second maybe to the whopping Omeravicza Queen of Hungary face mist – which is on my list if I win a lottery one day but not any time soon. Back to business though; I’ve got two new mists in my life and they both rock.

Facial mists are kind of a 3-in-1 they work as toners, primers and refreshers. They can also amp up the eyeshadow application if you spritz your brush before or after you dip it into the pan. I like to use the Caudalie after a face mask to amp up the zen-spa like experience or in the morning if my face is looking a little red and angry. I picked up the Lush Tea Tree Water on a whim and it works wonders when you feel a little spotty. A quick spritz before bed , slap on your favourite anti blemish cream and you’ll wake up significantly less spotty than expected (some things just can’t be avoided you know).

So,  what do you like to spray onto your face?

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