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The Discovery: Lush’s The Comforter


It’s Wednesday, and that means that while I’ve gotten the bulk of my exams over and done with there’s still one looming over the horizon. Well, it’s one I’m re-sitting so the fault is entirely mine (oh, well). Since exams are a stressful thing, and keeping up a high grade average while balancing life, a job, blogging  and applying to certain programs isn’t making it any more relaxing I think a bath is in high order! 

What can possibly make a bath better than just a tub of hot water that one submerges themselves in? Bubbles. So. Many. Bubbles.  This stuff? The thing bubble dreams are made of, pink sweet scented fluff that surrounds you and makes your skin soft. It’s well known that Lush are awesome in anything that has to do with bubbles, usually a bubble bath leads to something drying out your skin – it’s kind of like a foamy cleanser but all over, but Lush take care of that with loads of  oils and good stuff.
The Comforter is touted as just that, a product created with comforting in mind. It features loads of berry ingredients and smells sweet and warm, with bubbles so fluffy you’ll feel like your taking a bath with clouds around you. It’s a great big bubble bar, and I find that I can get 4-5 baths from each piece – not 2 like lush claim. I’d be scared of putting half a bar in my bath it’s likely that there will be a bubble-invasion as a result of that.  Looking for a little extra-special pamper to relax with? Try this bubble bar (or any bubble bar, they are all amazing).


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