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The Discovery: VSCO CAM

vsco cam

I love to Instagram, and as someone who did photography (professionally!) for a little while, I take it very seriously. While the iPhone’s camera app is quite nice having the tools of more professional programs (like Photoshop or Lightroom) at ones fingertips is a bit of a habit – so trying out different apps that might provide an answer to the burning need to control the little things (focus, light metering!) is very important.

The solution? VSCO CAM.

All the pictures I post on Instagram go through some sort of filtering, tweaking and editing. I can say the same for any images I post here too, since I shoot RAW on a DSLR and that needs some processing.
VSCO CAM is a powerful app with a clean grid interface for browsing though your images and so many filters it’s insane – I highly recommend shelling out the 7 or so dollars for the all encompassing filter pack, but even with the free ones you can more than make do. There are options to edit thing like contrast and brightness as well as adding sharpness or grain; you can also tone the highlights/shadows with different colours to change the overall tone of your images. The camera interface it self is great, you can tap for focus, or tap with 2 fingers for focus +metering – even better you can select the camera to turn on your flashlight on so that you get a boost of light in dark situations.
Overall, it’s free on the app store – give it a try; and if you like it? Get those extras they worth it.

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