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The Eye: ByTerry Brown Perfection


Oh ByTerry, a brand that’s quite luxe. When I spotted this cream eyeshadow stick on a counter I was already tempted.
A swatching frenzy ensued, all the shades went on my hand but being a Boring Betty I went for the brown. I like brown, what can I do? I was tempted to grab a pink or a purple but in truth I need to be better about buying things I won’t use (um, hi dark purple matte lipstick!)The ByTerry Ombre Blackstar Melting Eyeshadow in Brown Perfection is indeed a perfect brown shade, it’s not too warm and not too cool it’s just awesome and includes a creamy waterproof (like I’m not even kidding these swatches stay there after doing dishes) formula that makes it such a great product. It veers to a taupe-y bronze shade but it’s just a perfect neutral brown, it’s not matte and not shimmery-glittery it’s sheen-y. I like it as a liner/shadow combo but you’ve gotta move fast before it sets. Smudged on the eye into a wing cleaned up with a cotton bud and some make up remover for a sharp, clean line. To amp it up I take a little onto the tightline by running the stick along the lashline from the inside and BOOM eyes done in a fell swoop of the creamy eyeshadow stick. Finish off with some eyelash curling and load up n the black mascara for a clumpy heavy look that’s easily day-time appropriate. It’s sure to make an awesome base for a soft shimmery brown smokey eye thing too – so I’m off to play with colours that little bit more.

Cream products are the greatest for achieving an easy lived in look, my very first creamy stick shadow was MAC’s ‘Grease-Stick’ from the DSquared collection and that thing was packed with small glittery particles that would just scratch my skin – leading to a slight dislike for stick form shadows, but pots are such a hassle. I’m so glad I’ve gotten this one – it’s like all mu cream eyeshadow dreams came true….

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