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The Read: Like Neon Love


I love a good read even more if it’s about beauty, so when I stalk the ‘recommended blogs’ section on bloglovin’ and I find one that I really like it’s pure joy. Because there’s nothing better than having a bit more to read; it’s like closet space there’s no such thing as too many blogs.

So meet “Like Neon Love” written by Tenneil who is a Frankophile Aussie, she writes about beauty and lifestyle – but the best thing? The playlists. You can find them on the blog or on 8tracks these are just awesome, a bit out of my usual musical genre (I’m a indie-folk, pop-punk kinda girl) but they make for great chilling music while you’re doing stuff – like reading your blogroll. It’s obvious that Tenneil puts loads of thought and effort into her blog, the photos are always spot on and the writing is insightful. Let’s not forget the fact that girl is gorgeous!

Have you got any blog recommendations? Send them my way here or on twitter @darisholy

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