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The Sunday: Pamper Pedicure


On sundays I like to indulge (okay, so I like to indulge whenever possible – my credit card will attest to that!) in a little something extra. I’m a firm believer in taking the time to do something for yourself, it helps me manage my stress/anxiety levels and make sure I’m not doing anything else (like, say work) for that space of time. It can be a facemask or a nice bath but since it’s summer and the feet are out one must simply take care of those toes with a little home-done pedicure. I’ll admit that nail-salon’s creep me out, and I hate having someone else touching my feet, so home? The only way to go.

It all starts the night before, I’ll slather my feet in heel-balm – I like this flexitol one it’s super nourishing and while medically sented it’s not too overpowering or icky; best of all it does it’s job at getting rid of dryness, peeling or cracks. The age-old slather and stick a sock on it trick works wonders, I like to make sure I’ve removed all the nailpolish from my toes before and that I’ve put a little cuticle oil on them so the next day it’s all perfect.

The next day, Sunday! I’ll make a nice cup of tea or coffee or a smoothie and get to work. Gently file and shape the nails, buff away at the edges and the tops if it’s a bit rough (I wear open toed shoes a lot this means my toes bear the brunt of the city and it’s uneven sidewalk) and so on, once I’m happy I’ll go and wash my feet to get off all the residue from the cream and oil to ensure a good polish application.
Then? I’ll crank out my polish of choice, and if it’s a little luxe even better! Do note, Chanel polishes suck despite having the most gorgeous colour range. This one is from a few seasons back (and has been stored in the fridge! More on that in a different blog post) and my boyfriend bought it for me after seeing me making cow eyes at it for too long. If he buys you beauty bits keep him (mine will asses the eyeliner situation too) it’s true love, you know? Then finish you polish application off with a top-coat, as always I like a fast drying one because you never know what will happen ( in my case, I’m likely to stub my toe, go get some mail or get stepped on by my dog).

What do you do to guarantee a bit of me time? Let me know, I’m always looking for ideas!

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