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The Tip: Depot Everything.


Let’s talk efficiency, something that most of the time make-up or skincare packaging is not. 
This leads me to the (possibly) greatest tip of all – depot everything (if it comes in a tube).

My favourite products come in a pump, a screw top bottle or a tub – while the latter isn’t the most hygienic due to a large surface area that can make loads of contact with the air and it’s germs it’s the best for getting the most bang for your buck. However, a rather overwhelming amount of my skincare (my mask obsession!) seems to be housed in a tube. These are convenient, you squeeze and the product comes out all nice and easy – but when you’ve neared the end things get hard.   Often, you’d be tempted to toss it when you’ve squeezed that plastic thing to the end of it’s like nobody’s business but you’d be surprised how much is lurking between those plastic walls. Grab some scissors and an empty tub (I hoard mine, but you can get nice ones at a Muji or drugstores.), make sure to sanitise the tub with hot water or some rubbing alcohol, some sort of spatula ( disposable spoons work) and get to work.
Chop your tube into two or three pieces depending on the size and transfer all of that product to your container, write down the expiration date somewhere (on it or in an excel file like me) and make sure you use that up nice and quick, since y’know larger surface contact and all.

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  • What great tips! So true, that there is so much product we can leave behind!