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The Tool: GHD


Back in May I posted about a small haul, and about the fact that I had caved and splurged on a pair of GHD hair stylers.
My life? Changed. My hair? Better than ever.
I used to swear by blow-drying my hair, at first with a paddle brush and a hair dryer and then going in with the Babyliss Big Hair for extra oomph. Back then my hair wouldn’t stay sleek and straight for longer than a day, defying my efforts and starting to curl at the ends within moments of me exiting the house into the humidity that awaits me outside. Not to say that the effect that a blow-out gives isn’t great, when there’s an event looming over the horizon I will break out the air blowing tools to get that bouncy airy look.

But as someone who likes to wash their hair twice a week (sometimes three!) if possible, having to go in with hot tools every day to ‘fix’ my hair is a bit of a hassle. The GHD solves all of my problems, it’s super hot so gotta make sure there’ heat protectant but with one swipe my hair is straight and sleek. Want some movement? Curling with it is super easy and turning those into waves is even simpler. First day hair is nice and curled, second day hair features a more wavy messy look , on the third day I might go in and add a few ‘swoops’ in the front to frame my face if I make it to day four I’m likely to wear it up or in a braid. Then it’s slap on some intensive moisture mask on the hair and shampoo, rinse & repeat.

Wondering if it’s really worth it to splurge on these (rather pricey) hair stylers? My answer is yes, absolutely, 10/10 will recommend. However, I do love a good curling wand. Oh the dilemmas.

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