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A Few Highlights


Oh, Highlighters!

I do love them… I recently did a little clean-up/reorganising session with all of my makeup (it was a long and arduous task) as some new things came in and other stuff left. I discovered some old goodies (MAC MSF’s from my early obsession days) as well as the fact that I simply cannot resist a good palette. I’ve got 12 highlighters in total to tell you about in a total of 11 products overall, with 5 (!!!) of them being part of a palette. I don’t have a problem, really – do note that these are the shimmery highlighters in my collection so highlighting concealers and brightening products aren’t included despite having the ability to highlight too, it’s different yet the same.

Onto the swatches:

The Powders!


(L-R; Anastasia Beverly Hills Sand – Contour Kit , NARS Devotee – One Night Stand Palette, Hourglass Incandescent Light – Ambient Lighting Palette , Urban Decay Flushed in Streak – highlight only, MAC MSF in Perfect Topping – Limited Edition,  MAC MSF Duo in Light – Limited Edition Highlight Only, MAC MSF Light Flush– Limited Edition)

On a daily basis I reach for powder highlighters far more often then the cream ones, I blame the heat where I live for making me love to powder my base straight away and then not want to apply cream on top because that looks a little funky. As you might be able to tell I like the peachy-nude based highlighters and more often than not I’ll go for the more subtle ones in the bunch for a day-time glow, for this I love the newest addition from Anastasia Beverly Hills and my goodie but oldie Perfect Topping from MAC (I might cry when I finish this one). If I’m feeling more glam-y I’ll reach for the Hourglass palette which I love for an all in one glow – I use Dim Light as a bronzer since it’s a smidge dark on me with Luminous Light as a blush finished off with Incandescent Light to top it all. For a very dew-y look NARS Devotee is spot on while UD’s Streak is very much a BAM-in-your-face highlight. The others I’ll reach for depending on the cheek look, Light Flush is a very rosy pink frosty with a hint of bronze shimmer that is great as a blush or on top of a tan to amp things up, and the highlight from the duo is a super pigmented light pink that suits me in the colder months.

The Creams!


(L-R; Benefit Watt’s Up, Benefit Highbeam, NARS Radiance Enhancing Pro-Prime Light Optimizing Primer, MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush, Jouer Tint in Feather, Laura Mercier Glow Veil 1, 2 – Bonne Mine Palette)

On  a whole I only use these when it’s a special occasion and I’ve remembered them. Both Benefit products are either a little too yellow or too pink for my taste and take a little work, but are great for really bringing a glow. The NARS primer is awesome since you can use it under foundation for a great all over glow or on top of it for a little boost – I haven’t tried the Chanel offering but I’ve got my eye on it… MAC’s Hush is a great all-rounder to keep on hand as it works well as an eyeshadow and a lip color as well as a cheekbone highlighter. I love the formulae of Jouer Tints and Feather doesn’t disappoint it’s silky smooth and glowy without being a glitter bomb, unlike most creamy products it layer really well over powder so I like to keep it in my bag when I’m going about (in case I need a little extra glow). Lastly the Bonne Mine palette, which I got mainly because it’s proceeds go to the Ovarian Cancer Fund which is close to my heart, but has some great shade to through on to fake a healthy glow when your not feelin’ all to hot. The Glow Veils aren’t sticky, but are glimmery shimmery cream that do some double duty as eyeshadows too.

I love me some highlighters ( didn’t you notice?) – do you have  a HG highlighter to recommend, not that I need it – I just want more!

On anther note: I’ll only be posting once a week for the next week or two due to an intensive summer program from Uni & my failing attempts at writing a 15 page seminar paper on how to learn maths from videos by copying body gestures. I hope you’ll bear with me, it’s rough being busy with school & work & my boyfriend being away for the next 5 months – on the brightside he lives 20 minutes for a Sephora and I’ve been promised *things* if I’m a busy bee
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