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The Empties: Cleansers + A little life


Right, so I’ve been trying to sit down and write out this empties post, with my thoughts on all of these cleansers I’ve tried till the last bit but it’s been rather hard to put to paper something so small and inconsequential in light of everything else in life. I’ll start off by saying that I live in Israel, and that the past few weeks haven’t been easy at all here, added to that my boyfriend (of 4.5 years!) is going away for a semester abroad in America and while I’m overjoyed that he’s going to enjoy a top-tier school with the facilities and opportunities it’s likely to afford him I’m not going to be with my favourite person in the world *sniff* from tomorrow until the new year when hopefully I’ll get on a plane to meet up in the states for a little vacation before we hit the study-work-weekend routine again.
So talking my own head off about things that clean my face seems a little… unimportant I guess? But still the task needs to be done, so here are my own 2 cents on some of the products I used up.

Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser

I grabbed this after I’d gotten a deluxe sample of it at Sephora while on vacation in NYC it’s a warming cleanser, which is cool it heats up when you apply it, but for me it felt a bit harsh leaving my skin a little tight post wash – I have extremely dehydrated skin that likes to drunk up as much moister as it can from anything I put on it despite the copious amounts of water I drink daily. It gets the job done and cleanses the skin really well I liked to use it in the hotter months as it felt like it was giving me a really good clean after a sweaty hot day in the city smog but overall I wouldn’t repurchase it, I’d rather get a balm cleanser any day.

Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser

I couldn’t use this daily because it’s a scrub cleanser, but it’s a very nice creamy one. The beads aren’t too rough or soooo gentle they don’t do the work, it really sloughed off those dry flaky bits of skin during the winter. I wasn’t using it quick enough and at a certain stage I had a bout of backne *ewwwww* pop up and used this on my back. It was great for that too. Overall – it’s a nice scrub that foams up nicely and gets the job done. I’ve you find the Origin’s scrub a bit too foamy and a little  short on the scrubbin’ bits this is for you. I’ve since discovered a wonderful product that mixes in both chemical and physical exfoliation to make me a happy girl but more on that later.

Bioderma Crealine H2O

What can I say about this? I go through bottles like their water. I only use this on my eyes since I don’t really do waterproof makeup and in the evenings I do a double cleanse with a foamy cleanser to get the bulk of the makeup off and the a balm. If I had a light eye makeup day I’ll swipe the clean side of the pad on my face. Overall this stuff is awesome (I have  3 more big bottles of back-ups and 1/2 of one being used up as I write this) it cleans up things super easy – and if you’re into eyeliner this is gold for patching up that wonky flick.

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm

A product that has gotten so much love online and has one of the longest names I’ve encountered. It’s the first cleansing balm I’ve used and I like it but it’s not the best for me. It’s gentle, cleans the face and above all it smells/feels luxurious on the skin. You can use it to clean eyes as well as the face with out any stinging or dryness in the eyes after and that tight feeling that most of us associate with cleansers doesn’t really exist at all with this. It feels amazing to end a long day with this and a hot flannel as you gently clean of your face and get to see all the makeup you wore melt away. I’m currently using the Oskia Cleansing Gel (which is a balm) and loving it more than this, I’ve also gotten my hands on a sample of the Omorovicza balm which should be great too. I love balm cleansers and this one will have a place in my heart for opening up the door to an amazing world of skincare to me, but repurchase? Nah, there’s other awesome ones int he price range that I think are better.

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