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The Tip: In the Fridge


It’s summer. It’s hot. My face? Red like a ripe tomato.
But I’ve got a nice little trick up my sleeve to get some extra oomph from my favourite skincare bits.

For Tired Post-Drinks-on-the-Beach Eyes

It’s pretty simple, stick your de-puffing eye cream in the fridge for extra-depuffing power. Much like the cold spoon trick but just a bit better because it feel oh-so-good when you place that cool gel on your eyes when you’ve woken up from the sweltering heat because you forgot to put the air conditioning on a timer.

For an Extra Cool Pamper Session

This came about because of the Lush Fresh Face Masks, these babies need to be stored in the fridge to keep *fresh* and the sensation that follows spreading some nice chilled mud-clay mask on your face after a day in the sweltering heat is beyond good.  So why not do it with other masks? I’ve stuck my tube of moisturising creme mask in the fridge a few hours before I planned to use it… Too great for words.

A Quick Spritz o’Freshness

I’m a big fan of facial sprays and toners, it’s just fun to spray your face – it brings back the memories of being a kid and spraying my face with waters with one of those spray-bottle/fan hybrids at the amusement park. Why not give a spray that’s all ready refreshing a little boost then? I stick my bottle right next to the condiments *srircha baby* and whip it out when a refresh is needed.

Have you got any summertime hacks? Let me know!

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