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Food Time: The Greatest Salad Ever

greatest salad ever

Okay, so I love my quinoa. It’s a thing, okay? It might even border on a problem.
More than that, I love me some salad. Salad is a great thing, easily stuck in a container for snacking between lectures and also – it doesn’t make you sleepy post-dinner. All around great fun yeah? It can get pretty  boring though.

The solution? This salad. My mum stole it off some restaurant she had brunch in, and ever since I’ve been munching happily on this stuff. We keep all the components in separate containers  so you can easily tailor the proportions to your needs and nothing gets soggy.

What do you need?

basic vegetable salad –

Tomatoes, cucumbers, red bell peppers & red onions. Diced, mixed together.

Cooked Quinoa-

I like organic, 1 cup quinoa & 2 cups water – bring to boil, cover, wait until all the water is gone (about 20 min on low heat). Red quinoa would be awesome too – or a mix.

Baked sweet potatoes –

In an oven, roast sweet potatoes (diced small) covered in olive oil and some freshly ground peppers.

Feta Cheese –

I get the low-fat, goat milk sort.

Then you go, once it’s all cooled off and mix it up. Add some lemon & olive oil if you feel adventurous!

*note: I don’t consume added salt, you may feel the need to add some in. Go ahead, but I advise against it – salt if icky for you.


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