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New In: First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Mask

fist aid beauty mask

A little while back I made a sneaky order off of and purchased this little fella – that boasts a name longer than I am capable of saying in one breath, the “First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay”. My order took close to an eternity to get here thanks to my lovely postal service, so I was excited when it finally got here and promptly took to twitter.
I then used it once, put it in my “masks & backups” drawer and… forgot about it?
Kinda. I was busy using up all the other masks… Empties post will soon follow so don’t worry.

Now, after a stressful week and a nice little visit from “Aunt Ruby”/”Shark Week”/”The Time of The Month” or any other euphemism that makes you happy, I went searchin’ through my stash and found this one. Spread it on my face to end up with this horrific sight (which was promptly snapchatted to my boyfriend for giggles):

fab mask red clay

It’s a scary looking thing, since you look like you’ve slathered the blood of   your enemies onto your face. Not the cutest look, but facemask are a great way to test a relationship! If the SO doesn’t run screaming at the sight of your red/white/grey/black/green face you’ve got a keeper.

This mask has a very thick viscosity which kind of comes with the territory of a peel-off mask but since it comes in a tube it can be hard to get out – especially when one of you hands is all goopy with the stuff and you need a bit more to cover your huge forehead.

Will it give you JLaw’s baby smooth photoshop-retouched skin? No.
Will it make it feel like it’s baby-smooth photoshop-retouched? Yeah.

Other wise, you slather it on and wait  for 20 minutes. Once it’s dry peel it off starting at the edges ( I like the chin  area) and marvel at your smooth and clean feeling skin.
I love this mask because A. it’s a peel off mask! B. it does the job, giving my pores the kick they need to get clean and not so gross C. unlike other peel off masks this one is red, so it gets and extra point for coolness/ickyness factor.


REMEMBER: if you have any scabs/ or areas that have bled recently in your face *gross, I know, but life* be very careful with this it will pull and result in skin-damage much like picking. So, don’t.


I’m always on the market for anther mask, call it a problem – I’ll call it an adventure in skincare, so give me some recommendations!

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