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The Discovery: Sephora Formula X Polishes


Nail polish, it’s the greatest. Yet it can also be the worst thing ever.

Noting drives me closer to the brink of insanity than chipped nailpolish so I’m probably always on the hunt for a better formula, system, colours and well… anything! I haven’t gotten shellack yet because I like to change things up every few days and being stuck with the same polish for 2+ weeks is cringe worthy to me.
Enter formula X while there’s this amazing range of colours it’s also an entire system featuring a cleanser, base coat and a top coat. So far I’ve been loving them! I’ve been using the system with other polishes as well and it’s been far better than my usual suspects ( C’n’D Sticky Base and Sally Hansen Top Coat).

Over all the colour range is mind blowing – I went for a poppy coraly red, a pinky nude and my all time favourite – a deep dark red. My nails currently are a right state, since a bout of stress has reignited the nail-biter in me and they are only now making the beginning noises of rehabilitation. *le sigh*.

If you’ve got a Sephora near by, or are passing by one on the last dredges of summer holidays; run don’t walk to get your hands on these.

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