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The Sunday: One Thing To Do

facial massage

Ah the weekend! Time to chill out and have some tea…
Just on thursday the one and only Lisa Eldridge released her facial massage routine video which had me promptly watch it, then rush off to the bathroom to do the usual double cleanse – with the added bonus of a massage guided by Lisa’s calming tones.

You can do a facial massage for any length of time you’d like, with pretty much any product you’d like to use (cleansing oils, balm, creams, facial oils, etc.) the most important thing though? Slip. you want a slippy surface so you don’t tug at the skin. Here are some of my favourites for a nice relaxing facial massage;

The Oil:

Cleansing oils are great fun, they can break down anything. I mean it, waterproof and long lasting? poof. Just grab a bit more for some nice slip, and massage away. I’ve been loving the Body shop’s Camomile Sliky Cleansing Oil, great smell and bang for buck. I do hoפe to try out the NUDE one soon and the Una Brennan (as mentioned by Lisa).

The Balm:

I finished off my Omeravicza Thermal Cleansing Balm sample and am now onto the amazing offering from Oskia * it smells like heaven*  I like this one far more than the Emma Hardie and the packaging just does it for me. About 1.5-2 pumps have me ready to go in the massaging phase.  I might spring for the Clinique balm once this one is up, just to see what all the fuss is about.

The Cream:

You can use a facial cream too, so the massage doesn’t need to be limited to your end of the cleanse routine! Use a good hydrating and slippery cream, preferably the one you use at night to boost your face. Make sure to use quite a bit so you don’t pull on the skin, and massage away.

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