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The Wishlist: Fall Fashion


Fall is undoubtedly my favourite season, after months of sweating in the hot hot summer sun (and trying to stay out of the rather harmful rays) it starts to get cooler.

I’m big on investing in key pieces – a great leather jacket, a classic watch, a multi-season handbag. Boots. The things that get wrecked, t-shirts or sweaters, I buy off the rack at places like Zara and H&M. I like to splurge on jeans since they are guaranteed to be worn day in day out; unless I’m chilling at home then I crank out the sweats and pyjamas.
So when a new season is just around the corner I like to put together a little wishlist of items to be on the lookout for *spoiler: I own several of these already!* so that I can place sales alerts on the online or just keep my eye out for something similar when browsing the mall. I think that all of these pieces can easily transfer over into winter (or that thing we call winter here) or even into spring and summer. Keeping with my usual palette of olive green/grey/navy/black all the pieces can fit seamlessly into what I’ve already got.

The Cover All:

I love me a good jacket or coat, they’re easy to throw on and usually can give a simple outfit the little added zing it lacks to be tied all together. When it gets really cold a good wool coat is something you can’t do without, but usually? A light jacket is all I need, a good military style one works for the daytime and at night? Crack out the leather (you won’t be wearing boots anyway).
Coat – Stella McCartney (theOutnet); Jacket – Lily Aldridge x Velvet (Shopbop).

The Shirt:

Nothing beats a good t-shirt, it’s a throw on and go item that (despite what you mother says) can be dressed up or down. The same goes for a nice button up, just be wary of the cut, fit and material. i like them cotton or chambray as silk gets just a tad to sweaty for me (and is also a hassle to care for!) a lightweight knit shirt can be a great staple for layering too. Opt for a slightly “oversized” fit for a more relaxed look and less of a “I’m off the business meeting” vibe.
Shirt – Equipment FR; T – Kain.

The Comfy Sweater:

It’s fall, winter is looming and it’s time to cuddle up in a nice knit. A slightly slouchy crew neck is a great juxtaposition to the skinny jeans and super long sleeves let you keep your fingers warm, Opt for a slightly more chic bracelet length sleeve if you plan to load on the bracelets for fall, or if you’d like to show-off that watch. Also bracelet length is great when at school, as writing with too-long sleeves get annoying – fast.
Sweaters – Zara.

The Jeans:

Skinny jeans are kind of a thing now, a lightly destroyed darker wash is a change of pace from the torn apart light blue denim of summer, while still maintaining the “I’m-cool” tone of destroyed denim, just make sure the rips are tastefully placed. A pair of coated trousers will give you the slick look of leather without the sweaty mess *cue Ross”s Leather Pant Fail* only thing to remember is that the coated wax will wear off (leaving you with greyish black pants!) so don’t stick them in the wash and air them out after each outing. If you must – send them to the dry cleaners,  you can also buy the wax and top off the coating. Since I wear leather shoes often these are a great alternative to leather pants – since the look cool but it doesn’t get too matchy-matchy.
Top – J Brand; Bottom – Current/Elliot (theOutnet)

The Accessories:

Accessories are the creme-de-la-creme of an outfit. Best of all? If you’ve had one too many Pumpkin Spice Lattes or Scones you won’t feel too bad as they’ll still fit!
I recieved the watch as an 18th birthday present from my mother, it’s a true classic and while I love the look of an oversized mens watch I find this too be a little more delicate and feminine giving that touch back into an otherwise casual-boyish look. A great black bag is always welcome, I’ve had my eye on the PS11 for a while now something about the shape and hardware is beautiful; now that it’s available in a mini size it’s perfect (as the regular is a smidge too large for everyday wear). Lastly a great pair of boots or shoes, I was taught for a young age that shoes need to be well made – it’s worth buying just 2 pairs a year if it means they’ll last for 5 more. I get mine re-soled when the winter rolls in, but these babies? A total lux buy. I hate boots, more often than not I’m in flats or sneakers (Isabel Marants!) but these just spoke to me aesthetically.  They are heavy but the cutouts and the buckles are worth it. I can’t wait for the weather to get cooler so that I can wear these around again without breaking into a heart stopping sweat.
Watch – Cartier; Bag – Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini; Boots- Balenciaga.

What’re you going to wear or buy this season? Let me know (I’m always looking for more things to buy…)



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