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New In: Dip Brow


Oh eyebrows, they can really change your face if you’ve been blessed with loads of brows they take maintenance, a buck load of trimming, tweezing combing and praying they don’t move mid-day making you look like the crazy professor.

If you haven’t been given the eyebrows of an angry caveman, but rather are lacking in the ‘brow game it’s even more bothersome. Regardless of what you’ve been dealt the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade will help you out. So far I’ve played with it a little, and it’s perfect for extending my brows that extra little bit that’s missing at the tail or for emphasising the arch *mine is nowhere near defined* and generally doing the job to make it look like I take my brow maintenance seriously – SPOILER: I don’t. 

The real winner though? The No.12 Brush. Oh man, that spooley is the stuff of dreams and the brush is stiff enough to give a good sharp line but not so stiff that it feels like rubbing a hedgehog on the eyebrows. It’s super pigmented, so grab a bit on the brush place where needed and brush through those eyebrows. Good to go.

May your brow game be strong!

*if you’re interested I have the shade Medium Brown, it might me a smidge too dark for me but it works.

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