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Quick Review: Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip


So I’m a sucker for mini products, and for sets with minis in general – this is why I love the Sephora Favourites boxes. It’s a great way to try out some products without the commitment to a full sized purchase, and since alot of the time you just get bored of a product (or it dries out, get gross, etc.) minis are basically the answer to all of life’s problems. First world problems, at least.

So what’s in the “Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip” ($25 here) ?
You get a Deluxe Bite High Pigment Lip Pencil in Meritage, an Urban Decay Mini Naked Revolution Lipstick, a Marc Jacobs Mini Lust for Lacquer in Kissability , a Nars Deluxe Orgasm Lip Gloss, Buxom Mini Full On Lip Cream in White Russian and a full-size Smashbox Be Legendary Gloss in Pout. I’ll give you a run down based on which ones I liked from least to best – but spoilers! I kind of like them all somewhat.

(L-R; Bite, Urban Decay, Marc Jacobs, Nars, Buxom, Smashbox)


Let’s start off with what would seem like a total dud (the one you get and hate and they just stick in there and why?) the Smashbox lipgloss, the colour is far too light to be worn by itself and when it is on it’s own it gives the lips a weird not-so-flattering creamy whitish sheen that doesn’t work. This however is the perfect topper lipgloss, when you’ve got a colour that’s a bit too dark or for when you’d like to get some highlighting action on the lips – simply dab a bit of this in the centre and blend out. The formula is great, not sticky but still shiny and it fades nicely. All in all it’s a nice one.

From there there’s the NARS Orgasm gloss and Marc Jacobs Kissability, the Nars is nice it’s a rosey gold gloss that on me alone pulls a bit too gold so I have to put it over something (so far it’s worked great over MAC’s Faux & Brave) while the Marc Jacobs is just a my-lips-but-better shade (it reminds me a little of Buxom’s Sophia) the formula has a bit of a tingle to it but not noticable plumping action, both are nice and slick feeling without being sticky. Do note: the Marc Jacobs is tiny, the amount of product is good for maybe 10-15 applications at best.

The Urban Decay lipstick is beautiful, the colour is a nude pink shade that’s not too light nor too dark that pulls a little mauve neutral rather than peach-pink. I guess it’d suit most skintones, and the formula is a definite winner. Smooth and buttery but not glossy in finish, I can understand why so many people rave about these lipsticks. The fact that it’s a tiny tiny cute mini just seals the deal.

My favourites should come as no surprise, as these are products I already love – the Bite High Pigment Pencil & Buxom’s Lip Creme. Both are great in formula, and the colours given in this set are perfect. Meritage (bite) is described as a brick red, I’d say it’s a muted red that’s great for the fall. These wear beautifully on the lips and fade/stain nicely, they can also do double duty as a blush when you’re in a pinch. The Buxom is a no shimmer gloss that’s a true nude creme, it’s great over nude lipsticks for a bit of slick shine or over darker plummy mauves to lighten them up. Even better? Just rock it on it’s own to make your lips that extra bit better (may not work if you have pigmentless lips).

So if you can get your mitts on this – do it. It’s a great set!

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