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The Favourites: September


It’s that time of the month! not that one, geez.
Now’s the time when I ramble on about these things I’ve been loving for the past month featuring a little bit of night-time centric skincare, neutral makeup and scents. Ready? Steady? Read!


So near the end of August I finished off my previous serum (which won’t be mention do to it’s rather blahness) and went on a limb – I sprung and bought a rather controversial product – Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair II; As always I did my research and got a round of contradictory results, some people love it others say it does nothing for them. I fall in the first camp! I’ve realy liked using this as my serum, now I don’t expect a serum to turn me into Gisele overnight but it definitely boosts the hydration level and I do wake up with a plumper, glowier, healthier looking complexion. I’d hazard a guess that most people who are disappointed do assume that it’s sorcery in a bottle *it is marketed as such!*. Overall I really like it but once it’s finished I’ll be getting some more Oskia as I can’t get enough of the brand. I’ve also been loving my trusty Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil as my extra boost for when I’ve got some pesky blemishes that need some healin’ up. It smells divine which is always a good thing and it sinks into the skin in a moment – I really like to pair this with the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask for getting rid of any flaky dry skin.

Make Up:

I don’t know why but the NARS And God Created The Woman Palette always reminds me of fall, it could be that it’s because I got it last year in the fall and it could also be that the shades in it are just perfect for the last edges of summer. NARS have relaunched it recently, meaning they changed the positions of the shades around but otherwise it’s all the same. I love this little palette for how easy it is to use and the quality of the shadows, I’m very fond of the Belissima (the top centre shade, a light grey-brown matte) and Coconut Grove (bottom centre shade, deep chocolate brown) with either of the lighter shades (top left – Alahambra, top right – Kalahari). L’oreal Miss Manga Mascara is the mascara of the moment all around and for a good reason! the formula is great and the brush is too, so what if it’s weirdly wobbly? There’s a learning curve here for sure but once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll be on your way to voluminous long lashes that aren’t spidery or clumpy. Benefit Gimme Brow I love brow products and this little guy is great in a rush or when I haven’t had the time to do the maintenance work they need, the little brush is great for giving you the control to place the product and the actual formula has nice hold while giving you a little bump with fibres – be carefully not to go overboard though! Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Quince these pencils are great, they aren’t a matte drying formula and a little goes a long way, I like to dab a bit of the stuff on my lips and rub it in for a stain that fades nicely. Quince is a beautify rosey pink shade that gives an instant perk up to the face.


This month I’ve been rocking yet anther scent combo *it’s a thing!* this time mixing the lovely Prada Eau De Parfume D’Infusion D’Iris with the NEST Midnight Fleur mini I got. The mix of the clean and fresh Prada with the sweet and heady NEST. I’m almost finished with the Prada, but seeing how it’s a difficult one to wear during the chillier months in my opinion mixing it together with a heavier fragrance seems to be a perfect solution! I think I’ll keep playing around with scent combination going into fall too – maybe this way I can finally finish off some perfume bottles, so that I can justify buying some new bits *Byredo!* 

I wonder what I’ll love during October… it is my Birthday month… hmmm….

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