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The Roundup: Origin’s Masks

orignis mask

If you’ve been reading my ramblings for a while no it’ll come as no surprise that I Love Facemasks. If you’re new – well, now you know.

I’m not quite sure what is it about masks that does it for me, if I hazard a guess I wouldn’t say the instant (sometimes) results so much as the entire ritual of it. It’s probably why I love my evening skincare routine too.
Back to the masks! I’ve been trying out a few of the Origins ones lately, it all started with a bit of time to spend at Heathrow when the last tube of the Drink Up Intensive mask was waiting for me on the shelf and I had to get it – it was destiny right? From there on I went to a small sized tube of the Clear Improvement mask that’s I’ve since repurchased in a  full size. The latest addition to the bunch is the Out of Trouble mask which really packs a punch.

Clear Improvement

This mask is not mild, it heats up and clears everything out. There have been some that claim that it comparable to the GlamGlow black mask but, I wouldn’t know. I feel like it it really does that job of getting my pores cleared but it’s not a miracle worker the blackheads are still there but there is an overall clearer look to the complexion. It’s also a good one to take selfies in! The only downside is that when it dries its difficult to more your face (and issue with any clay mask) and that it’s a real pain to rinse off, I recommend using warm water and loads of patience since you don’t want to tug at the skin.

Drink Up Intensive

The one that started it all this mask smells like a fruity melange that you’re spreading on you face. Due to the fragrance in it it might be irritating if you have very sensitive skin, but otherwise you’ll be fine. This one really boosts the moisture into the skin, making it a great choice for flights or wintery months. Personally I like to use it when my skin is healing up from a bad breakout, and there’s flaky bits or other icky stuff going on. I feel like ti really calms everything down and gives it that extra bit of moisture it needs to heal really well. For an extra shot of hydration I use this over Hydraluron (or any hyluronic acid serum)  and then- dehydration? Gone!

Out Of Trouble

This is the newest mask I’ve got, and I’ve used it thus far 4 times but so far? I like ti! It’s a 10 minute mask that claims to work in 3 ways; soak up oil,  slough off dead skin and do away with dirt. It’s a nice mask that’s packed with zinc-oxide and sulfur so if the smell of either bothers you stay away! It’s great because it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight  which most masks of this kind of do, but also because it’s a quick one – 10 minutes and you’re done with a difference that you can see that’s left over. It’s not going to magically do away with your blemishes but it’ll leave you with fresh looking skin.
Note: I like using it as a spot treatment sometimes during the month when my chin is acting up. Slather it on and wait.

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