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The Sunday: Is It Fall Yet?


Fall is quite possibly my favourite season – leaves are changing, temperatures are going down and it’s not freezing just yet.
However, the change is there – summery makeup (high on SPF, light on the coverage) can be substituted for a bit more; as it’s unlikely to melt off the moment you shut the front door.
Still, the fading glow of your summer tanned is now making you look a bit lackluster and your sweet/fruity summer fragrance feels a bit out of place. All while you start battling the chapped lips of fall time.
To help you out I’ve collected my top 5 fall time favourites, with a glow booster and a beautiful tea blend to tide you over until winter kicks in.

The Fragrance:

Diptyque’s Philosykos will probably remain within my all time favourites until the end of time. It’s a grass, fruity scent that’s a bit spring timey but still deep enough that wearing in the fall just makes sense. If the weather gets a bit too dreary a quick whiff of the stuff is sure to cheer you up.

The Primer:

Laura Mercier’s Radiance Primer is sure to boost your post summer glow while making sure your slightly heavier base will stick around. It won’t make you look like you’ve taken a quick vacay to the Maldives but it’ll make you look that extra bit more alive, which is always a good thing.  Other than that grab your bronzer and highlighter and hope. 

The Lip Balm:

NUXE Rive de Miel. It doesn’t require more than that. If you have yet to check this out, do so. It’ll solve your chapped lip problems. Dar out.

The Candle:

Diptyque’s Feu de Bois is the ultimate cool weather candle, with a ‘fire-log’ scent that I cannot get enough of. There is a Muji dupe but nothing trumps the original. While as the months go on I start to burn sweeter more florally candles in the hopes of bringing forth memories of the spring thats to come, this is perfect for sparking some fall/winter nostalgia.

The Tea:

I’m a tea fiend. There it’s been said, that along with coffee are within my top things to drink.  In the fall I’m all about a bergamot based tea, with a dash of sweet vanilla or caramel notes and a splash of milk. I picked this up in Barney’s while in New York, I remembered an article that said that one of the Olsen twins liked this tea and thought why not? It’s a nice one but I’ll stick to my loose leafed teas when this is finished off.

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